Google celebrate today eye chart's inventer Ferdinand Monoyer's 181st Birthday

Google tribute through its doodle, eye chart's inventer Ferdinand Monoyer's signatures: his name, hidden in the chart. 


Ferdnand Monoyer was a ophthalmologists from France whose work in eye care plays a pivotal role in the measuring eyesight. Born on 9th May 1836, F Monoyer made an eye test chart that helped in checking the visual activity of a person and contribute to determining the power of the eyesight. One of the biggest search engine giant, Google has honoured the renowned ophthalmologist on his 181st birth anniversary with a Google Doodle that aptly describes the role of the Monoyer chart in our daily life. Ferdinand Monoyer was also known for the invention of dioptre, a unit of measurement for checking the optical power.

The Google Doodle design shows various coloured eyes looking into the Monoyer eye chart, and the chart changes as per the eye sight issue of the eye. The animated picture ends by highlighting the hidden message in the Monoyer chart which spells the name of the inventor, Ferdinand Monoyer. The doodle honours the great introductions in the field of ophthalmology and pays tribute to his unique methods of working.

Monoyer also enjoyed changing the font of a particular letter which did not suit him as he wanted the chart to be as legible as possible. The eye chart and measurement unit introduced by Monoyer are still used extensively, more than a century later. While his great work in ophthalmology was known, Ferdinand Monoyer also taught medical physics at Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lyon from 1877-1909. The scholar and his phenomenal work in his field plays a vital role in the way we see the world today! Here is remembering the historic legend on his birth anniversary.