SBI Compensation on ECS direct debits/other debits to accounts

Compensation on ECS direct debits/other debits to accounts


The Bank undertakes to carry out, within the prescribed time, direct debit /ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) debit instructions of customers. In the event of non-compliance/delayed compliance of instructions by the Bank to meet such commitments, the customer will be compensated to the extent of any financial loss the customer would incur on account of delay in carrying out the instruction/failure to carry out the instruction.

Such compensation may be equivalent to the interest calculated on the amount to be debited, for the delayed period, at applicable Savings Bank rate, with minimum of Rs. 100/-, subject to a maximum of Rs.1,000/-.

The Bank would debit the customer’s account with any applicable service charge as per the schedule of charges notified by the bank. In the event the Bank levies any charge in violation of the arrangement or inadvertently, Bank will reverse the charges, subject to scrutiny of agreed terms and conditions, and compensate the customer with a sum equal to the charges reversed.