Govt job's Raining: A glimmer of hope to the people of Jharkhand

The last two years have brought a glimmer of hope to the people of Jharkhand, a state that is usually in the news for the wrong reasons. This is the hope of getting a government job. At a time when the Union government faces flak from the Opposition for failing to create government jobs, Jharkhand has filled 24,796 government posts in the last two years. And the recruitment process is on for as many jobs currently. The fact that Jharkhand locals account for most of the Class III and IV jobs on offer should be noted.


Soon after assuming the office of Chief Minister, Raghubar Das gave officials the task of filling vacant government posts. He told the Administration department to look into the matter. After he set the wheels in motion, the recruitment process began for 57,329 posts in 2015 and 2016. At present, 26,000 primary and high school teachers are being recruited. The plan is to hire teachers for 9,000 primary schools and 17,000 high schools.

The biggest wellspring for this bonanza of government jobs is the locals-first policy that is now in place. This tricky matter has accounted for the downfall of many a government in Jharkhand. Raghubar Das, who formed a majority government for the first time in Jharkhand, took the courageous step of laying down this policy. It broke the slump in hiring for government posts that had plagued Jharkhand for as many as 15 years after its formation as a state. The state government has reserved jobs in 14 districts for the local residents. These districts are populated mostly by scheduled castes and tribes.

Using this policy, the state government has ensured that employment is created for Jharkhand residents. The policy comes on the heels of criticism that people from other states were taking the benefits to which Jharkhand locals were entitled. Now, the situation is changing. Jharkhand, because of the emergence of government jobs, is emerging as a place of possibilities.

And the shower of government jobs may continue. The state's employee selection commission has been requested to hire 4,000 policemen. All departments have been asked to identify which posts are vacant. Over a dozen departments have filed applications for hiring people. These applications are under consideration at the present time.

The Jharkhand Lok Seva Aayog is responsible for hiring for government jobs. This government body will soon begin the recruitment process for 19 jobs. Work is also ongoing to fill vacancies for the posts of college lecturers. In the initial stage, the teachers will be hired on an hourly basis. But the process of recruitment for permanent jobs will also begin soon. Efforts are underway to fill vacancies in other departments as well. Chief Minister Das has claimed that 50,000 people will be hired this year.

He has invited people from Jharkhand who live in other states to return to their own. These people usually relocate for work. The Chief Minister, however, believes that his government will create comparable opportunities in his own state. The government also thinks that the foreign investment generated through the Global Investor Summit will create more employment opportunities in Jharkhand.
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