Minister of Railways, launches Mission Retro-Fitment to enhance the passenger experience

New Delhi: Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Minister of Railways, launches Mission Retro-Fitment to enhance the passenger experience. 

To enhance the passengers experience by upgrading existing fleet of coaches with better furnishing, aesthetics & amenities and better safety features with a view to provide a safe and comfortable travel, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has launched MISSION RETRO-FITMENT in Rail Bhavan today. Member Traffic, Railway Board, Mohd Jamshed, Member Rolling Stock, Railway Board, Shri Ravindra Gupta, Member Staff, Railway Board, Shri Pradeep Kumar were among those present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu said, “ Mission Retro-Fitment is an ambitious program to upgrade the level of furnishing & amenities in the coaches of Indian Railways. This is one of the largest retro fitment project in the world as Indian Railways’ 40,000 coaches will be refurbished and retrofitted in the next five years. This Mission Retrofitment is an endeavour to provide better travel experience as the interiors of the coaches would be refurbished & the retrofitment of Center Buffer Coupler with balanced draft gear would add more to safety of the passengers. By 2020, Indian Railways would provide a new travel experience to the passenger over Indian Railways. This mission is challenging as it will be carried out without affecting the traffic operation. On the occasion, MR Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu also released a booklet giving parameters & guidelines on this mega exercise of retrofitment and refurbishment.


Refurbishing : Upgradation of Coaches with Improved Interiors
  • It has been planned to induct about 40,000 coaches with upgraded interiors by 2022-23.
  • RSP sanction for refurbishing of 6,700 coaches are already available.
  • Approximate Cost : Rs.30 lacs per coach.

Existing RSP Sanctions
  • 700 Coaches : Allotted to ZRs/PUs (Western Central Railways -411, Integral Coach Factory (ICF)-189, Central Railway-75, Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala-25); these are under different stages of tendering and execution.
  • 57 coaches have been refurbished by Coach Rehabilitation Workshop/ Bhopal.
  • Refurbished Coaches are running in Varanasi - New Delhi Mahamana Express since 22.01.2016.
  • 6,000 Coaches :
  • Tender by ICF :3,000
  • Tender by COFMOW :2,000
  • Tender by WCR :1,000
  • Total 6,700 Coaches.
Additional sanctions under RSP shall be sought in due course.

Refurbishing – Salient Points
  • World class ambience
Panels without visible screws, LED Lights,
Modular toilets with concealed plumbing, Branded fittings, Powered venetian blinds, Anti-Graffiti coating, etc.
  • Enhanced Passenger Safety
Fire and Smoke Detection System (in newly manufactured AC coaches),
Double acting compartment door (in AC coaches), Rounded edges at most locations for injury-free, etc.
  • Caring for the Environment
Bio toilets
  • Use of better materials
Such as Polycarbonate ABS, Advanced Composites, Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic, GFRE, Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Enhanced Passenger convenience
Passenger Address & Passenger Information System, Braille Signage, Ergonomic design, increased number of mobile / laptop charging points, etc.

Retro-fitment of Centre Buffer Coupler (CBC) with Balanced Draft Gear,
  • Board has approved the Retro-fitment of about 32,000 Integral Coach Factory coaches (having a minimum residual life of 10 years), with CBC & Balanced Draft Gear.
  • Sanction under Rolling Stock Programme (RSP) for retrofitment in 16,000 coaches has been obtained vide Pink Book Item No. 1254/17-18.
  • Approximate Cost : Rs.28 lacs per coach.
  • Additional Sanctions under RSP shall be obtained in due course.
  • The work is targeted for completion by 2022-23.

  • In Mid life Rehabilitation (MLR) and Periodic Overhaul (POH) Workshops.
  • 24 coaches already retrofitted have been running in Train No.15120/19 Manduadih - Rameswaram Express since 23.04.2017.
  • Work likely to commence in a regular manner from October’17 after CBC with Balanced Draft Gear is made available.
Through Contract 
  • In Rly. Premises : COFMOW has invited Tenders for 2,500 coaches that are under finalization, Tentative Commencement of Work from October’17.
  • In Firms’ Premises : COFMOW has invited Tenders for 5,000 coaches, Tender Opening in July 17, Tentative Commencement of Work from November’17.
  • Additional sanctions under RSP shall be sought in due course
Retrofitment of CBC – A major structural modification
Sequence of Work
  • Stripping of the lavatories and doorway area.
  • Gas cutting the End wall stanchions, Headstock assembly and Trough floor
  • Fabrication of the Head stock compatible with CBC
  • Tack welding of the new Head Stock with the Stanchions pillars and Sole bar.
  • Measuring the camber, followed by full welding of the Head stock
  • Inspection of the critical weld joints using DPT
  • Painting with high performance anti-corrosive epoxy coating
  • Replacement of Sole bars of length 2600 mm and 2700 mm on both sides.
  • Welding of the End wall sheets, Side wall sheets, Turn under and Trough Floor.
  • Cleaning and Painting.