7th CPC Pre-2016 Pension Revision of Defence Establishment: Minutes of the review meeting held on 23.08.2017

7th CPC Pre-2016 Pension Revision of Defence Establishment: Minutes of the review meeting held on 23.08.2017

New Delhi: Government of India, Ministry of Defence (Department of Defence) D(Civ-2) held meeting on 23 Aug 2017 to review of the progress made by Defence Establishments for revision of Pension/ Family Pension of pre-2016 Central Civil Pensioners convened by Shri Barun Mitra, Additional Secretary (BM) at 11.00 AM in the Committee Room No. 111, South Block.

A copy of the minutes of the meeting held on 23 Aug 2017 on the subject cited above is enclosed for immediate action by all the concerned administrative divisions, Heads of Departments of Defence Organisations and subordinate formations.

Joint Secretaries-in-charge of various Defence organisations/subordinate offices are requested to kindly ensure timely compliance of the decisions as contained in he minutes of the meeting, and also furnish the requisite information, urgently.

Minutes of the meeting taken by Shri Barun Mitra, Additional Secretary (BM) to review the progress made by Defence Establishments for revision of Pension/Family Pension of pre-2016 Central Civil Pensioners.

The Second Review meeting convened under the chairmanship of Shri Barun Mitra, AS(BM) commenced with his note that being a very large Ministry, it continues to be in the focus of Ministry of Finance (MoF) during the process of review of the progress of pension revision. In view of this, he reiterated the need for holding such review meetings periodically within the organisation by the Organisational Nodal Officers, to impress upon the Field Nodal Officers to show some concrete progress in numbers so as to present an appreciable achievement during the meetings being conducted by the MoF.

Following decisions were made:

Action on part of CGDA/PCDA(P)

1. CGDA shall issue directions to the PCDA(Pension), Allahabad to allot the HOO Codes suo moto in those cases where the details of Heads of Offices are already available with PCDA.‘This will also be uploaded on the website of CGDA/PCDA(P).

2. PCDA(P) to display on their website the data of pensioners already shared with defence organisations and the HOO Codes allotted by them so far.

3. Substantial gap in the total number of pensioners as figured out by PCDA(P) and as claimed by the Defence Organisations shall be corrected by PCDA in coordination with Defence Organisations by locating the data- of remaining pensioners.

4. An abstract of the progress (showing total number of cases of pension revision received in PCDA and No. of cases in which Corr. FPO has been issued) should be displayed on the website of PC DA to reflect the actual achievement of PCDA in this task.

5. The requirement of counter-Signatures of applications for allotment cf HOO Code need not be routed through the HoDs to simplify the procedure and save time.

6. In view of the decision of the MoF, as contained in minutes of the meeting held on 4 Aug 2017 (also available on MoD Website at “mod/dod/employeescorner/seventh CPC”), the PPO revision process shall not be held up for want of non-inclusion of pensioners’ Adhaar No./PAN number in the pay fixation order/data sheet. Directions to this effect shall be Conveyed by CGDA to all the field offices/CDAs/HOOs.

7. To prevent delay of auditing of the cases where pension revision has already been completed by HOO, CGDA shall ensure deployment of additional staff where the audit Work is held up due to scarcity of staff.

8. Some organisations like DGQA have not received the data of 'pensioners, PCDA shall provide all necessary assistance to such organisations in locating the details of the pensioners.

Action on part of Organisations

9. In the major defence organisations (like Army, Navy, BRO, DOPE, MES, OFB etc) which are having major chunk of civilian pensioners, the Organisational Nodal Officers shall have to speed up the process of revision of pension, by holding regular review meetings with the Field Nodal Officers.

10. Before the next Review meeting, “the Organisations shall prepare lists of HOOs with their NlC email IDs to ascertain the exact total no. of HOOs under their organisation, and to whom the Code have not been issued by PCDA so far. This shall be completed by 31 Aug 2017.

11. In the‘meantime, the process of revision of pension'should {continue at the level . HOO, and forwarding of data/ Pension revision sheets; for auditing by LAO must continue and should not be? allowed to linger simply on the grounds that th HOO code is still awaited from PCDA(P).

12. The details of the Organisational Nodal Officers (ONOs) nominated to monitor the progress at Organisational level,'shall also be communicated to MoD before 31st Aug 2017.

13. The Organisational Nodal Officers shall hold the review meetings with the Field odal Officers (FNOs), on weekly basis. Only ONO's should attend the periodical review meetings in the MoD so as to maintain continuity of action/ instructions.

14. As per recent directions of Finance Secretary, issued on 9 Aug 2017, the monitoring of progress of pension revision shall be undertaken by a committee headed by Financial Advisors by “holding weekly meetings, with respective Joint Secretaries.

15. All the Defence organisations concerned and JS-in-charge a to be advised to tak appropriate action to complete all the pre-reqpisites in coordination with CGDA/PCDA(P) so that they are able to exhibit ‘significant and substntial progress, percentage wise during the next Review meeting to be convened by the MoF.



Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair.

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