Your ideas may include in PM speech on August 15: Share Your ideas on the Narendra Modi App

PM invites ideas for his speech on August 15 


New Delhi: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has invited ideas for his address to the nation on 15th August 2017.​ The Prime Minister has urged people to share their ideas for the speech on the specially created open forum on the Narendra Modi App.

“When I address the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on 15th August, I am merely the medium. The voice is of 125 crore Indians.

Share your ideas for the speech on 15th August, on the specially created open forum on the NM App.”, the Prime Minister said.

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  1. 1. Green colur E-Rank Card for Common Man and Farmers and Yellow color E-Rank card Middle class and medium size business and traders and Private & Public sector employees and Red colour E-rank card Business man and industrials and MPs and Ministers. Service sectors like income tax and Health ministry and Other Finance ministry should check all the groups were filing Income tax returns and tax paid to goverement as per laws and following Prime minister projects and schemes and No gias subsidy to e-red colur card holders and government should assesses their actions and give marks according to them incentives and prizes should give and also if tax defaulters they should be debarred from any government tenders and posts and also negative marks will block bank accounts and passports and No subsides.
    2.No petrol or diesel to person owning 2 more cars in petrol and diesel bunks to discourage environment pollution and cut governemtn subsidy and import expenses of oil and petrol and including vips and MP'S AND MLA'S and weekly they should travel in government transports to address the grievences which they known from common man.
    3. Daily attendance and verification of 2 Croes above registration by income tax officicals in their local registraction offices and they should co ordinate with registrars and they should know whether taxes were paid and awareness will be created among defaulters and corrupted mans.
    4 PM and central ministers should surprisingly visit states and major state highways to know the quality of infrastructure facilities of road condition and middle class peoples difficulties in damaged road condition.

    5. Finance minister should reduce gst taxes on beverages tax of 28% which is so sigh and will ruin the beverage industry and it should be 12 % only and to save millions of employess and workers and traders . My fervent request.
    6. Pm should me the intellectus in every state and given them opportunity to share ideas for strongest india in the days to come