Factors, Points and Calculation of Displacement Count of Employee for Displacement Transfer- Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan


Displacement Count of an employee shall be computed by assigning appropriate points to such appropriate factors considered material for displacement as per the following:-


Factor                                          -----        Points to be counted as on 30th June of the year
(1)Stay at a station in the same post as on 30th June in complete Year
Period of absence on any account shall also be counted for this purpose. If an employee returns to a station X on request after being transferred from X within three years (three years for NE/ Hard station St 02 years for Very Hard station), the stay of such an employee at X shall be no. of years spent at X before being transferred plus no. of years spent after coming at X. However, if an employee returns to station after a period of 02 years for Very Hard and St 03 for Hard/ NE station the stay shall be counted afresh. 
Note: Category of Very Hard Station is abolished w.e.f. 2017. 
+2 for each completed year
2 Annual Performance Appraisal Report Grading for the last two years.
+2 for each below average grading
3 Employees below 40 years (as on 30th June of the year) who have not completed one tenure at hard/ very hard/ NE stations (During entire service on any post). 
Y/N (Indicate Y for Yes and N For No)
Clarification: If an employee qualifies for more than one ground the points shall be limited to a maximum of (-) 50 only.
5 Spouse, if a KVS employee and posted at the same station
5(a) Spouse, if a Defence employee and Central Armed Police Forces
6 Spouse, if a government sector employee and posted at the same station.
7 Woman employee who is not spouse of a KVS /Defence/Govt. sector employee.
8 Physically Employees.
9 Members of recognized associations of KVS staff who are also members of JCM at KVS regional offices-and/or KVS Headquarters.
10 Award winning employees:
(a) National award given by the President of India “6
(b) KVS National Incentive award "4
(c) KVS Regional Incentive Award "2
Clarification: If an employee has won any two or all the three awards then the maximum concession of marks shall be given as -6
11 Displacement Count

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