Important Instructions for the KVS employees for filling ONLINE Transfer Application -2017-18

Important Instructions for the KVS employees for filling ONLINE Transfer Application -2017-18


1.As per the notification, KVS invites Transfer applications of its Teaching employees upto PGTs and Non-Teaching employees upto Assistant Section Officers through ONLINE for the year 2017-18 for annual transfer.

2. First of all, every employee is required to login with his/her Employee code as User Id and One-Time Password (OTP) provided by the Principal/DC/Director ZIET/AC(HQ) in KVS Transfer Portal/ URL i.e. http://l61.0.172.136/TransferManager for the submission of ONLINE Transfer Application. On the first login, individual must change his/ her password and re-set a new password. This User Id and Password must be kept carefully in the safe personal custody of the employee so that the same cannot be misused by anyone else. KVS transfer portal can be accessed at URL i.e. directly or through the link given at homepage of KVS HQ website i.e.

3. Every Teaching employee up to PGT and Non-Teaching employee up to Assistant Section Officer is mandatory required to fill the PART “A” & “B” of the Online Transfer Application.

4. PART ‘‘C” of the transfer application is only applicable to those employees who are-(Seeking request transfer and eligible for applying request transfer as per transfer guidelines.

5. PART “D” of the transfer application form is for furnishing the information and certificates with regard to working of Spouse and cases of medical ground. The employee who claims benefit of transfer under these categories, they must furnish these certificates in the prescribed formats. The scanned copy of the Medical certificate issued by the competent authority/Declaration of working of Spouse must be uploaded in the specified box provided for this purpose. The original certificates should be submitted invariably in the office of controlling officer for the verification and authentication of transfer application.

6. Every employee is expected to go through the Transfer guidelines for 2017 thoroughly and Instructions issued in this regard before filling the Transfer application ONLINE. Any error committed by the employee or carelessness shown by him/her, may cost to his /her position and cause embarrassment to the KVS also.

7. Facility for printing or saving of transfer application form submitted online has not been enabled so far. It will be made available soon. An intimation in this regard will be sent to all employees.

8. Adherence to the time limits prescribed for the every stage of this online process is compulsory. Once the given time limit is over, then no body shall be allowed to edit or modify the data of the transfer application thereafter. An employee can save the filled data of online transfer application and later on he/she can change it before final submission. Transfer Application should be submitted finally by the employee when he is fully satisfied with the correctness of all entries.

9. If any employee gives false 85 misleading information in the transfer application to seek personal benefits, then, it shall be treated a willful misconduct of the employee and he/she shall be liable to be punished as per the rules.

10. If any employee comes across with a problem to submit Online Transfer Application or he/she has any query in this regard, he/she must contact his/her controlling officer to resolve the issue. Employee should not be engaged in communication with Regional Office or KVS (HQ) directly. The controlling officer will take up the issue at the RO/ HQ level, if need be.

11. KVS strives to maintain equitable distribution of its employees across all locations to ensure efficient functioning of organization and optimize job satisfaction amongst employees. Transfer to a desired location cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

12. KVS transfer portal will remain accessible for 24 hours. Employee can submit his/her application within the specified schedule as per his/ her convenience. (Please see calendar of activities for schedule)

13. Every employee who is on the roll of KVS as on 30.06.2017 must fill this online“: application compulsorily. However, employees who are not eligible for seeking request transfer or do not wish to apply for request transfer will need not to fill the Part C of the transfer application.

14. This transfer application is very comprehensive and has been designed to capture detail information desirable for other administrative purposes at KVS (HQ) apart from transfers. Therefore, employees are requested to go through the format of online transfer application available on the portal before filling online transfer application.

15. Employees should not be panicky if they encountered with any technical problem regarding submission of online transfer application. Team KVS will resolve all such issues without any hustle and bustle. They only need to report such issues to their controlling officer immediately.

16. It must be noted by all employees that if any employee gets request transfer at one of the desired station filled by him/her in the transfer application, then he/she shall not be considered for request transfer for next 10 years. Therefore, all are advised to give their choices for stations for request transfer very carefully and only such stations Where they are Willing to go and serve for 10 years.

17. KVS displays available tentative vacancies in KVS across the country for the reference of employees who are applying for request transfers. However, these vacancies are tentative and may increase or decrease at any time due to various reasons. However, transfer orders shall be issued on the basis of vacancies available on the day of issue of transfer orders.
Instructions for the Principal/DCs/Director ZIETs for the Authentication and Verification of the Transfer Applications filled ONLINE by the employees of the KVs of the region/RegionaI Office/ZIET:-