Method for Administrative Transfer: Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan


Administrative transfer under clause 5(a) shall be effected in the decreasing order of displacement count of employees holding a post at station to eliminate surplus staff and such staff shall be accommodated against clear vacancies.


Administrative transfer under 5(b) shall be effected in decreasing order of the displacement count of employees holding a post to fill up anticipated vacancies in hard station and other desired stations to a desired extent. As regards 5(c), to transfer an employee, as defined in clause 11(a), to a desired station(s) mentioned in his/her request application form, an employee holding the same post with the highest displacement count, subject to not being beIow D1/D2 as prescribed herein below at the relevant station(s) in the order of preference indicated by an employee, shall be liable to be displaced in the event if, there is no clear vacancy at the station(s). However an employee seeking request transfer within same station can apply for KVs choice but such transfer will be considered only against vacancy and this will not affect station seniority of the employee and will be liable to be transferred/ displaced in public interest.

While displacing an employee in such manner an effort would be made to post such an employee against a choice station indicated in annual transfer application proforma failing which to the nearest vacancy against a clear vacancy. In case of a tie in the displacement count of employees the male employee shall be displaced. In case of a tie between the employees of the same gender the employee with earlier date of joining in present station in present post shall be displaced and in case date of joining also coincides for two or more employees then the youngest employee shall be displaced.

a) Provided, cut off mark D1 on Displacement Count i.e. equal to 10 (Ten) displacement count & DZ on displacement count, i.e. equal to 10 (Ten) displacement count with 10 years stay at the station have been prescribed below which an employee shall not be displaced in a particular year to accommodate the transfer request of employees under para 5(c).

In a situation where clear vacancy is not available at the desired station(s) to accommodate the request of employee who has completed tenure in NER/HardNery Hard station & whose transfer count is equal to C1, then, an employee who is posted at one of the desired stations & having D1 displacement count, i.e. equal to 10 (Ten) displacement count, shall be displaced to accommodate the transfer request of such employee.

So far as, transfer requests of other priority category employees under para 5(c) i.e. LTR/DFP/MDG/PH employee/Widow/Single Parent are concerned, they would be given priority in transfer against the available vacancies at their choice stations. If vacancy is not available at the choice station(s), then, an employee who is having D2 displacement count, i.e. equal to 10 dispIacement count +10 years stay at the station shall be displaced to accommodate the transfer request of these employees.

b) Provided, more factors can be added/ deleted and points allocated for different factors can be altered on year to year basis to remediate any imbalance resulting in transfers. Changes shall be notified well in advance before inviting transfer applications.

c) Provided, an employee with a higher displacement count can be retained if the employee's services are absolutely crucial in the organizational interest. In such eventuality an employee with next lower displacement count shall be liable to be displaced.

d) Provided, exemption for one year at a time can be given to an employee or group of employees from displacement for such period owing to circumstances or such other administrative exigencies justifying such exemption.

KVS employees whose children are likely to appear in class X 81 XII Board Exams in the transfer year will get exemption of one year.

An Employee who has disabled dependent child may also be considered under this provision on the production of Medical Certificate issued by the competent authority. (For list of disabilities see 11 (e)

e) Provided, an employee can be transferred from a location if the employee's stay has become prejudicial to the interest of the organization at any point of time, employee transferred under this provision shall not be considered for coming back on the same station on request transfer before completion of 03 years stay at the new station.

f) Provided further, an employee can be transferred to a location in administrative exigencies without having any regard to the displacement count of the employee.

g) Provided, an employee can be transferred in public interest from a location to another Location/ station having low staff strength in the same region in the descending order of displacement count after the completion of annual transfer process.

h) An employee, being surplus and redeployed at some other station under Para 5(a), may be considered for coming back within one year, if vacancy arises later on at the same station from which he/ she was transferred out. In the case of more than one such surplus redeployed employees from the same station, the junior most employee in terms of stay at the previous station shall be given first priority, Provided, that he/she makes request for the same.

8. Employees below 40 years of age (as on 3oth June of the year) who have not completed one tenure at hard/very hard/NE stations in continuous span in service and not presently posted to such stations and have completed one year stay at present station in the present post, in their decreasing order of Displacement Count can be posted in Hard stations Choice stations, if any, for posting in Hard station may be indicated in regular annual transfer application. Employees may opt for a posting at hard station. KVS shaIl post them to such location in a transparent manner as per prescribed calendar of activities. Such transfer though on request shall be treated administrative in nature in accordance with clause 5 (b) above.

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