Notification of Transfer Guidelines of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan 2017-18 - For All teaching & non-teaching employees

Kendriya Vidyalayas - Notification of Transfer Guidelines of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan - 2017 -18 - For All teaching & non-teaching employees 

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has issued notification regarding KVS Transfer Guidelines 2017. As an administrative endeavor, KVS had brought so many progressive changes in these guidelines on the suggestions and demands of different stakeholders in 2016. This year also, many landmark changes have been brought in to make these guidelines more transparent, employee friendly & Information Technology enabled.


All teaching & non-teaching employees and other officers of KVS are requested to go through these guidelines thoroughly to implement them in letter & spirit. Annual transfer Calendar for 2017 will be issued separately very soon. All teachers and non-teaching staff are advised to obtain & keep ready necessary documents/records well in advance from the different offices for supporting of his/her claim for seeking transfer etc.

The Deputy Commissioners of Regional offices and Directors of ZIETs and Principals of all KVs are directed to print sufficient copies of Transfer Guidelines 2017 and keep them in the library/staff room or at some common places so that everyone can easily access these guidelines.

Applicablility & Transfer Process

The guidelines shall be applicable to all categories of Teachers upto PGTs, Librarian, Head Master, and all non-teaching employees upto Assistant Section Officer. Transfer shall be effected in the light of provisions contained in clauses 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the guidelines, wherein criteria on the basis of assigning appropriate points to relevant factors of transfer and using the cumulative score as the basis of transfer, has been prescribed.

(a) As far as possible KVS will invite Annual Transfer Applications through an ONLINE process. Annual Transfers will also be operated on the basis of computerized database.

(b) All Transfer orders during Annual Transfer will be displayed on the website of the KVS (HQ).


Notwithstanding anything contained in the guidelines, the Commissioner with the approval from the Chairman, KVS, shall be the sole competent authority to transfer any employee to any place in relaxation of any or all of the above provisions.


Commissioner, KVS shall be the sole competent authority to interpret above provisions and pass such other order(s) as deemed appropriate and essential to facilitate the implementation of the guidelines for the purpose of effective control and administration of the KVS as a whole.


Employees shall not bring in any outside influence. If such an influence from whichever source espousing the cause of an employee is received it shall be presumed that the same has been brought in by the employee. The request of such an employee shall not be considered. Action may also be initiated against such an employee under relevant service rules. Outside influence shall include representations from even spouse and family members/ relatives of KVS employees. Any representation /request regarding transfer not signed by the employee himseIf/ herself shall not be considered and shall be summarily rejected.


A detailed calendar of activities of annual transfer will be prepared by KVS to effect annuaI transfers pursuant to these guidelines. As far as possible, the following time frame/deadlines will be followed to complete the process:-

a) Issuance of transfer orders by 31st May by KVS.

b) Modifications/Cancellations on administrative ground/ to remove anomalies in transfer orders already issued by 30th June by KVS.

c) Transfer against No-Taker Vacancy by 31st July.

d) Transfer requests in exceptional circumstances against clear vacancies or in place of an employee who is willing to be transferred out against another vacancy will be done with the approval of the Commissioner KVS after 31St July in the following cases:-

1) Death of Family Person.
2) MDG of employee self & family member as per annexure-l of transfer guidelines.
3) Spouse cases.

Note : In case of tie within above categories, preference would be given in above order i.e. DFP, MDG, Spouse-hm case of tie within Spo_umse category order of preference would be as follows:

(i) Spouse of KVS employee, (ii) Spouse of Govt. of India employee, (iii) Spouse of State Govt. employees, (iv) Any other Spouse case.

e) No Transfers would be ordered during annual examinations, i.e. during February and March.