Online Transfer Applications For upto PGTs and upto ASO: KVS Guidelines for 2017-18

Online Transfer Applications For upto PGTs and upto ASO: KVS Guidelines for 2017-18

Annual Transfers in respect of teaching staff upto PGTs and non-teaching staff upto Assistant Section Officers of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for the year 2017-2018 - Invitation of Transfer Applications regarding.

Online Transfer Applications For upto PGTs and upto ASO: KVS Guidelines for 2017-18
Online Transfer applications are invited from teaching staff upto PGTs and non teaching staff upto Assistant Section Officers as per KVS Transfer Guidelines effective from 2017 (excluding Principals, Vice-Principals and Officers viz. Section Officer and above) for effecting annual transfers during the year 2017-18. All are eligible to apply. However, an employee on initial posting on direct recruitment is normally barred from applying request transfer for one year in terms of the appointment order. KVS Transfer Guidelines for 2017-18 are attached herewith.

The eligibility date for calculation of transfer count and displacement count is 30.06.2017 for all employees working in all Kendriya Vidyalayas including NER, A&N &Lakshdweep Islands, declared hard/very hard stations in India.

KVS Online Transfer Guidelines for 2017-18

Transfer Application is to be filled up online only as per the given time schedule. Entries are to be carefully filled in to avoid future hassles. Employee should carefully indicate his/her choice for request transfer or transfer on displacement. Category of Very Hard station has been abolished with effect from 2017. All existing very hard stations shall be treated as hard stations now onwards.

Part-A & Part-B of the Transfer Application are to be necessarily filled up by all the employees, whereas, Part-C is to be filled up by only those employees who are desirous to.apply for request transfers either for Intra Station OR Inter Station or change of shift in the same vidyalaya and otherwise eligible for applying request transfer.

In case an employee is on leave or other-wise not available for any reasons to f' up the Transfer Application, the Principal/ Controlling officer shall complete Part-A&B of the transfer application and forward it to the Regional Office.

Dy. Commissioners are directed to issue further directions to Principals under their jurisdiction to make all necessary arrangements for filling of Online Transfer Applications of all employees working in the Vidyalaya. Availability of adequate computers with internet and connectivity must be ensured. However, employees are at liberty to fill their transfer applications online at the place of their convenience.


There have been general complaints that the instructions accompanying application are not made available to the applicants. It is made clear that the awareness of the instructions in proper perspective is necessary to fill up the application without mistakes and with the correct code (s) wherever necessary. Transfer Guidelines 2017 and instructions to fill up online transfer application are available on KVS website and KVS Transfer Portal. URL for login transfer portal is A copy of this letter must be displayed on the Vidyalaya notice Board, Staff Room and in Library by the Principal. Latest Transfer Guidelines, Calendar of Activities of Annual Transfer 2017 and Important Instructions for filling online transfer application are also attached with this letter.


Attention of all concerned is drawn to the provision of Article 59 (27) of Education code, provisions under Para 15 of Transfer Guidelines and Rule 20 of CCS (Conduct) Rules. The employee concerned be informed that any violation thereof shall render them liable for disciplinary action. Canvassing in any form, overt or covert, direct or indirect will automatically disqualify teacher/staff from being considered for transfer for one year and his/her name will be removed from the priority list of transfer and disciplinary action will be taken against the teacher as per the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965. As per Para- 15 of KVS transfer guidelines, outside influence shall include representations from even spouse and family members/relatives of KVS employees.


(i) All online Transfer Applications submitted by employees must be carefully scrutinized and verified by the Principal/In-Charge Principal from Service Records/Service Book and in token thereof the Principal/In-Charge Principal must approve each and every Transfer Application before submitting it online to Regional Office. Similarly Deputy Commissioners in ROs, Director ZIETs and Assistant Commissioner (Estt), KVS(HQ) will verify the transfer Applications of the employees under their administrative control.

(ii) Medical Certificates must have the signature of Civil Surgeonlor the Medical Officer of the equivalent rank. Medical Certificate is to be scanned and uploaded with the transfer application. Standard format for the medical certificate is available with the KVS online transfer application. This can be downloaded and duly filed up and signed by the appropriate medical authority.

(iii) Declaration for working spouse .- Principal must Counter Sign the declaration before concerned employee uploads it with Transfer Application. Format of this Certificate is also available on KVS website/KVS Online Transfer Portal i.e.

For ready reference, calendar of activities in respect of Annual transfers 2017 for Teaching employees up to PGT and Non-Teaching employees up to Assistant Section Officer.
 Activities                                                        Tentative last dates for the different activities
  • Issue of transfer notification  - 6th July, 2017
  • Display of tentative vacancies on the website of KVS (HQ). - 7th July, 2017
  • Time period for submission of online transfer applications by the teaching and non-teaching employees.  - 8th to 15th July, 2017
  • Scrutiny and verification of transfer applications submitted by the teaching and non-teaching employees by the Principal/DC/Director ZIET/AC Estt (HQ) of the respective Vidyalaya/Office. - Upto 18” July 2017
  • Last date for submission of online transfer applications by the Vidyalaya to Regional Office. - 19th July, 2017
  • Authentication of transfer applications by Regional Offices (as per instructions). - 20th & 21st July, 2017
  • Last date for submission of transfer applications from ROs/ZIETs to KVS HQ. 22nd July 2017
  • Display of tentative Transfer Count and Displacement Count on the website of  KVS (HQ). - 24th July 2017
  • Issue of transfer orders of employees below 40 years of age to Hard station (Only male teachers). Issue of transfer orders on request for hard stations for both male and female teachers/employees. Request transfer for change of shift in the same Vidyalaya. - 26th July, 2017

(a) The entries filled in the application submitted by the applicant should be verified with utmost care.
(b) Employee can save a copy of online submitted transfer application for his/ her reference.
(c) Request transfer once ordered by the KVS shall not be cancelled except due to administrative reasons.
(d) The Article 71 of the Education Code for Kendriya Vidyalayas will also stand amended to the extent of amendments.

A) Important Instructions for the KVS employees for filling ONLINE Transfer Application -2017-18
(B) Instructions for the Principal/DCs/Director ZIETs for the Authentication and Verification of the Transfer Applications filled ONLINE by the employees of the KVs of the region/RegionaI Office/ZIET:-
CLICK HERE FOR- Notification of Transfer Guidelines of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan 2017-18 - For All Staff


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