Types of Transfer of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Types of Transfer of  Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Transfer may broadly be classified in two types, viz., Administrative Transfer, which the KVS orders suomotu in the exigencies of service and administration and in public interest, and Request Transfer which is effected based on the request of an employee.



Through such transfer KVS shall ordinarily:
a) Redeploy surplus staff in excess of sanctioned strength at a location to other location against sanctioned vacancies.
b) Post employees in Hard stations.
c) Displacement of an employee from a location to accommodate the request of an employee who is LTR/ DFP/ MDG/PH employee/Widow/ Single Parent/employees who have completed tenure in HardNery Hard/NER station.
d) Rotational transfer of employees working in sensitive posts in pursuance with the instructions issued by the Central Vigilance Commission circular no. 03/09/13 vide letter no. 004NGL/090 dated 11.09.2013.

(i) Request transfer shall be effected as per the prescribed calendar of activities. Transfer on request shall be effected on the basis of "Transfer Count" of an employee computed by assigning appropriate points to factors considered relevant for transfer. An employee who is appointed on the basis of zonal system, on initial appointment, is normally barred from applying for request transfer for a period of three (03) years in terms of the appointment order. Existing employees who have completed 01 year stay at the present place of posting as on 3oth June of the relevant year are eligible to apply for Request Transfer. An employee will not be eligible for request transfer twice in an academic year.

(ii) An employee who gets choice station transfer on request in 2017 and onwards shall not be considered again for request transfer before elapsing a period of ten (10) years at the choice station except 3 years for Hard Station. This condition shall not be applicable in the cases of those employees whose spouses are working in KVS or other departments/organization of Govt. of India having All-India transfer liability.

(iii) Those employees who are appointed on direct recruitment in KVS on the basis of choice of zones shall only be considered for request transfer within the same zone on completion of three (03) years stay at the place of initial posting on appointment except the cases mentioned at para 9 (ii) regarding spouses having All-India transfer liability.

(iv) An employee posted in a double. shift Kendriya Vidyalaya if wants to change his/her shift in the same Vidyalaya against a vacancy, he/she can apply for the same during the annual transfer.

(v) COMPOSITION OF ZONES: The entire country is organized into Six Notional Zones of KVS for the purpose of recruitment, posting and transfer of the employees covered under these guidelines and who shall be appointed on direct recruitment in KVS on the basis of selection panels prepared after 31.03.2017 on Zonal Choice basis. 

An employee shall be eligible for seeking a Mutual Transfer at his/ her desired place, if, she/he full- ills the following conditions:-

(i) If, he/she has completed at least 01 year stay in the same post at the same station on initial posting. The employees, who are appointed on the basis of selection panels prepared after 31.03.2017, within the choice Zones shall be eligible for applying Mutual transfer on completion of 03 years stay at the station of initial appointment except spouse cases mentioned in para 9 (ii).

(ii) Benefit of the Mutual Transfer shall only be allowed twice in the entire Service Period with the condition that the same pair of employees cannot seek the second time Mutual Transfer with each other. Employees recruited on Zonal basis shall be eligible for seeking Mutual transfer only within the same Zone.

(iii) The entry for availing the Opportunity of a Mutual transfer shall be made in the service records of the employee. Mutual Transfer seeker empIOyees shall apply separately through proper channel after the completion of the normal process of transfer every year. Process of Mutual Transfer will remain open throughout the year.

(iv) Mutual Transfers will be treated as Request Transfer as per Para (9).


i. KVS will consider the request of employees (except those who have been posted on a tenure posting 8L have not completed the prescribed tenure) for the transfer against a NO TAKER vacancy after the completion of the normal transfer process. No taker vacancy means a post which remains vacant after the completion of annual transfer calendar. Transfer seeker employees will apply separately through prOper channel after the completion of the normal process of transfer every year & No Taker vacancy transfer will be considered at the end of transfer calendar.

ii. An employee can apply either for a Mutual transfer or a transfer against a NO TAKER vacancy, not for the both. An employee recruited on Zonal basis shall be eligible for seeking transfer against No-Taker Vacancy only within the same Zone.

iii. If a KVS employee wants to join his/ her spouse through the “No Taker Vacancy” provision, such an employee will be given top priority. In case Husband and Wife both get transferred in the same year, first one of them gets transferred under the other provisions of the transfer guidelines to a Hard/ Very Hard/ NER station and later on , the other one joins his/ her already transferred Spouse through "No Taker Vacancy” provision, the period from 01St July till the date of issue of the transfer order +25 days (25 days includes period of availed joining time and other leaves, if any, taken together) will be counted for the completion of tenure of the spouse getting transferred under "No Taker Vacancy" at a later stage. This way the tenure of both the spouses at a Hard/Very Hard/ NER stations would be synchronized.

iv. In case of more than one claimant employee for the same post in a Kendriya Vidyalaya (except employees covered under (iii) above, preference shall be given to the employee who will be the Senior Most in terms of service in KVS.

v. Transfers under No Taker Vacancy will be treated as Request Transfer as per Para 9.

h) Yoga Teachers can apply for their request transfer to any KV. Transfer of a Yoga Teacher shall be treated as transfer with his/her post.


Article 15(a)(3) of Education Code for Kendriya Vidyalayas empowers Commissioner, KVS to transfer, post and assign any duties to all officers and staff at the headquarters and Regional Offices as well as Vidyalayas, Therefore, Commissioner shall be competent to exercise all powers under these guidelines to effect transfer and/or grant exemption under various clauses and provisos; and/or do any other exercise prescribed under various clauses and provisos. Commissioner may delegate power to such authorities with such further limitations for such period as deemed appropriate in view of prevailing circumstances either by a general or specific order to such authorities. Power so delegated is liable to be withdrawn by the Commissioner whose discretion in this regard shall be final.

Important Instructions for the KVS employees for filling ONLINE Transfer Application -2017-18
Instructions for the Principal/DCs/Director ZIETs for the Authentication and Verification of the Transfer Applications filled ONLINE by the employees of the KVs of the region/RegionaI Office/ZIET:-
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