Validity of Certificates of State Open Schools (SOS) for Central Government Jobs: Clarification by MHRD

New Delhi: Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education issued an office memorandum regarding Recognition of certificates/qualifications awarded by State Open Schools (SOS) for the purpose of employment in Central Government Offices.


The matter has been considered in consultation with National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) which is an autonomous body of.MHRD. NIOS has informed that the Rajasthan SOS, Jaipur and APOSS are recognised Boards of secondary and senior Secondary education. As regards validity of their certificates for employment purposes, NIOS has informed that concerned APOSS and Rajasthan SOS, Jaipur and its members and their courses/certificates are valid for further studies and appointment in the Central and State Government Departments.

It has come to notice that Council of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE) has been functioning without any authorisation from MHRD using the name of Ministry and trying to build such an image as if COBSE is an autonomous body under MHRD. COBSE claims that it grants membership to the Boards which are set up by an Act of Parliament or State Legislature or by Executive order of Central/State Government. These bodies don’t require any kind of membership of COBSE.

COBSE also claims that it is responsible for verifying genuineness/recognition of Schools Education Board in India. However, it is pertinent to note that COBSE is a private organisation and its membership is voluntary and COBSE has not been established by this Ministry. Moreover, membership of COBSE does not antomatically grant the status of recognised Board upon any member Board.