Write Up on IVRS - DAFFODIL: Get responses to various queries regarding Pay & Allowances

Write Up on IVRS - DAFFODIL: Get responses to various queries regarding Pay & Allowances

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) "DAFFODIL"

“Defence Army Officers Dynamic Interactive Link” has been developed for prompt and updated responses to various queries regarding Pay & Allowances of Army Officers. Under IVRS System the following facilities are being provided to Army Officers.
  • IVRS will be bilingual i.e in Hindi & English.
  • Officer will login through landline/mobile numbers.
  • T-Pin will be generated to access the IVRS.
The following information can be accessed by the Army Officers through IVRS.
  1. Details about salary i.e. Basic Pay, DA, NPA/Technical Allowance, Transport Allowance, Gross Pay, remittance/closing balance.
  2. Adjustment of DO Part II orders.
  3. DSOP Fund details.
  4. Details of Ledger Wing claims (last three claims).
  5. Details of Outstanding TA/DA advances.
  6. Details of last LTC claim.
  7. PAN No. whether received or not.
  8. Facility to register Mobile No. for SMS alerts.
  9. Information on Pension Documents.
Contact Nos. 1800 233 2593 (toll free) 020-26407000 (PRI)
  • Language- i. Hindi & ii.English
  • CDA Account No. to be entered
  • Date of Birth to be entered
  • Last five digit of salary bank a/c no. to be entered
  • System will generate T-Pin
  • Officer has to enter T-Pin 
NEXT MENU (Option 0 to 9)
Option 1 : For Salary The following will be intimated
  1. Basic Pay
  2. Dearness Allowance
  3. NPA
  4. Technical Allowance
  5. Transport Allowance
  6. Gross Salary
  7. Remittance/Closing Debit or Credit Balance 
Option 2 : For DO Part II Orders Officer has to enter:-
  1. Four Digit DO Part II Order No.
  2. Date as DD/MM/YYYY
The following will be intimated DO Part II order received/Not received

Option 3 : For DSOP Fund Officer has to enter:-
  • For DSOP Fund balance
Officer has to enter:
  • For Rate of DSOP Fund Subscription
Officer has to enter:
  • For last DSOP Fund Withdrawal
Option 4: For Ledger Wing Claim

Details of Last three claims will be intimated i.e. Type of claim and its status as under

Under Process OR  Passed for Amount…………. on ………….. (date) OR Rejected

Option 5:For details of outstanding
TA/DA Advances
Advance of Rs……..…………………. Drawn on ……………….. (date) is outstanding

Option 6:For details of last LTC Claim

LTC under TR 177 ………… (A/B/C) Amounting Rs…………….. Credited on ………………. (Date)
Option 7 : For PAN No.
PAN NO. Available/ Not Available
  • Please forward the copy of PAN No. to SAO, LWSS (Audit)
Option 8 : For registration of Mobile No.

  1. Officer has to enter 1:
  2. To register Mobile Number
  3. Officer has to enter Mobile Number
  4. Officer has to enter Date of Commission
  5. On successful System will read Mobile Number
  6. Officer has to Press 1 for confirmation
  7. Officer has to Press 2 to retry
Option 9 : For information on Pension documents for superannuating officers

Officer has to enter 1:
  • For Status of LPC-cum-Data Sheet Forwarded to PCDA (P) Allahabad under Batch No………….. Dated ……………….. / Not forwarded
Officer has to enter 2:
  • To know the details of Pension documents received
  • All documents received/not received/………. Documents not received
Option 0 : TO GO BACK
More on: https://pcdaopune.gov.in/downloads/ivrs.pdf 


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