Submission of documents/information by identified Pensioner Associations for release of Grant-in-aid during 2018-2019

Submission of documents / information by identified Pensioner Associations for release of Grant-in-aid during 2018-2019

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Government of India
Ministry of Personnel PG & Pension
Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan

Khan Market, New Delhi-ll0 003
Dated: 8th June, 2018

President / Secretary
Identified Pensioners Associations
(as per list attached)

Subject: Submission of documents / information by identified Pensioner Associations for release of Grant-in-aid during 2018-2019 under Web-based ‘Pensioners’ Portal’ Scheme.

This Department would be considering the proposal for release of Grant-in-Aid for the financial year 2018-19 to various identified Pensioners’ Associations under the Scheme of Pensioners’ Portal. For this, it is necessary that the Pensioners’ Associations submit a brief on the activities undertaken in the last financial year and also formulate a Work Plan for the current financial year. While formulating the Action Plan it also needs to be ensured that activities under SANKALP are also included in the Work Plan.

2. You are also aware that during 2017-2018 Grant-in-aid was released on the basis of your registration (Unique Identification number) with NITI AAYOG DARPAN PORTAL with Unique ID registration No. with PFMS (EAT) module which was a mandatory requirement to get the grant-in-aid. Further, you had to book the utilization of funds for approved components under the Scheme of GIA through EAT Module under PFMS which is also mandatory requirement. Any expenditure booked otherwise than through EAT module will not qualify for adjustment against the Grant-in-aid sanctioned and released and the Association will be liable to refund such amount to this Department alongwith interest. Moreover, your Association may also not become eligible of for further release of Grant-inaid for 2018-2019 onwards. In this connection please refer to this Department’s sanction letter for release of Grant-in-aid for the financial year 2017-2018 and also refer to number of e-mails sent to you in the matter.

3. Accordingly, all the Pensioners Associations will have to download/provide a copy of Utilization Certificate and Statement of Accounts through PFMS-EAT module and subsequently audited by CA so as to enable you to get Grant-in-aid for the financial year 2018-2019.

4. You are therefore requested to furnish the following information/documents :

  • i) Activities undertaken during 2017-2018 with reference to Annual Action Plan 2017-2018 submitted by you in the enclosed proforma (Annexure-I)
  • ii) Annual work plan for the year 2018-19. While undertaking this exercise, you may include activities which may contribute to overall welfare of the pensioners.
  • iii) The Work Plan/activities undertaken under “SANKALP’ in pursuance of this Department’s letter NoA/36/2013-P&PW(C) dated 17.09.2014 (copy enclosed)
  • iv) The number of Pensioners Grievances registered online on CEPENGRAMS by the Pensioners Association through their login-ID and present status of these Grievances.
  • v) Total existing memberships of the Association as on 01.04.2018 and no. of members added/deleted during 2017-18and the present status.
  • vi) Utilization certificate and statement of accounts for the Grant-in-aid released during 2017-18 downloaded/retrieved from the PFMS-EAT Module and audited the same by CA.
  • vii) Filled in proforma for furnishing Association Details (Annexure-II)
3. In addition to above, the Pensioners’ Association are also required to submit quarterly progress report in this regard to the department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare for perusal.

4. In view of the above, all the identified Pensioners’ Associations are requested to submit the above stated information alongwith requisite documents latest by so” h July, 2018 positively so as to enable for this Department to release the Grant-in-Aid for the financial year 2018-19 well in time.

Encls: as above

Yours faithfully,
(Seema Gupta)
Director (PW)



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