Retired personnel Re-employment and Engagement on contract basis in Railway Electrification organization - Terms and conditions

Re-employment of retired personnel and  engagement on contract basis in Railway against posts of Engineering, Electrical and S&T departments of Railway Electrification organization


No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff 
New Delhi, dated: 13.07.2018

The General Manager, All Indian Railways/PUs, NF(Con), CORE 
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow, DG/NAIR/Vadodara

Sub: Engagement of staff against posts of Engineering, Electrical and S&T departments of Railway Electrification organization by re-engagement of retired personnel and by engagement on contract basis.

Ref: 1. No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff dated 13 .07.2018
2. PCPO/CORE letter No. E/Gaz/CORE/Policy dated 22.06.2018

In view of the difficulties being experienced by Railway Electrification (RE) Organizations due to shortage of technical manpower, Board (ME, MTR, MS, FC & CRB), has approved the following:

1. Filling up of posts of technical manpower, at Level-6 and Level-7, in Engineering, Electrical and S&T departments of Railway Electrification organization is permitted by re-engagement of retired employees as a first preference. The re-engagement of retired employees may be done with the approval of respective PHOD in RE organization. Extant guidelines including the ones contained in Letter no. E(NG)-11/2007/RC- 4/CORE/ I dated 16.10.2017 may be followed.

2. Only if retired employees are not available, filling up of posts of technical manpower, on contract basis against non-promotional quota against Level-6 and Level-7 posts, in Engineering, Electrical and S&T departments of RE organization is permitted except SSE/JE (Signal) on terms and conditions enumerated in Annexure enclosed.

2.1 This scheme is launched on experimental basis and is valid for two years from the date of issue of this letter.

This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell of Railway Board. 

DA: Annexure in 2 pages

(Anand S. Khati) 
Exeutive Director 
Establishment (G)
(Umesh Balonda)­
Executive Director 
Transformation Cell

Annexure to Rly Board L. No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff dtd 13.07.2018

Terms and conditions for filling up of posts of technical manpower, on contract basis against Level-6 and Level-7 posts, in Engineering, Electrical and S&T departments (Except SSE/JE (Signal)) of Railway Electrification (RE) organization:

1. These engagements should be done with the prior approval of respective PHOD in RE organization subject to fulfillment of eligibility & other conditions governing such engagements.

2. Educational Qualifications and Age Limit of such contract engagements should be in accordance with those prescribed for direct recruitment.

3. These contract engagements should be made against clear vacancies (against non­ promotional quota) for a maxi mum period of one year or availability of a regularly selected candidate, whichever is earlier. Suitable break should invariably be given between successive contracts (if any).

4. The selection process and selection criteria may be decided with the concurrence of PFA in consultation with PCPO and approval of General Manager.
Such engagements should be made by screening, based on the selection criteria approved by General Manager, by a selection committee of JAG officers nominated by respective PHOD, including one officer from concerned department (ie. Engineering or Electrical or S&T) and one from Personnel department.
The engagements should be made by inviting applications and the advertisement should be published in local and national newspapers and also put on Railway website(s).

5. Representation of SC/ST and OBC categories as per vacancies reserved for them should be ensured as per extant guidelines in force.

6. Candidates will have to undergo medical examination (as applicable for direct recruitment for SSE/JE of Engineering/Telecom/Electrical department) and will be considered for contract engagement only if they are found medical l y fit. Medical fitness will be examined by nominated Railway hospital.

7. The candidates recruited on contract basis will not be entrusted with the duties of quality certification, safety certification, Stores in-charge, certification of measurements in Measurement Book and the like. However, they may assist the regular Railway supervisors in these works and in performance of other day to day duties. Detailed duty list may be drawn by RE organization.

8. The candidates recruited on contract basis may be given training/orientation in rules, regulations and practices related to safety, technical and other areas before they are deputed on work. Period and content of such training/orientation may be determined by respective PHOD/CHOD i n consultation with PCPO/CPO(RE organization) but should not be less than I 0 working days. After completion of training/orientation, the candidate should be adjudged for suitability/competency before deputing him on field job.

9. The candidates recruited against Level-7 posts may be designated as Senior Technical Associate (RE/Works or RE/P-way or RE/OHE or RE/PSI or RE/Tele, etc.) and the candidates recruited against Level-6 posts may be designated as Junior Technical Associate (RE/Works or RE/P-way or RE/01-IE or RE/PSI or RE/Tele, etc.).

10. Duty pass may be provided for stretch of the journey involved on duty. They may be entitled to IInd Class 'A' duty pass.

11. The contractual staff may be permitted off on Sundays and National Holidays. However, they may be called for duty on any day including Sundays and National Holidays for which Compensatory Rest may be given later. In addition, Contractual staff may be granted two days leave for each completed month of engagement in Rail way. The accumulated leave will lapse as soon as the contractual period is over and cannot be carried over to next contract (if any).

12. The contract may be terminated by either side by giving one month 's notice. The performance monitoring of contractual appointees must be done on regular basis and those who are unable to discharge the duties or who fail to perform as per expectations of the administration, may be given 30 days notice and their contract terminated. However, in case of gross negligence/misconduct/irregularities, the engagement may be terminated with immediate effect.

13. The engagement on contract basis will not confer any right to claim for regular absorption/extension in the Railway.

14. . Applicants working in Govt./PSU will have to provide NOC at the time of application and resign from their present organization on their engagement.

15. All statutory requirements shall be complied with by Rail ways.

16. It should be a full time contract and their remuneration should be on monthly basis as given here under:

Monthly remuneration for technical manpower of Engineering, Electrical
and Telecom recruited on contract in RE organization (in Rupees)
Level (7th Pay Commission)
against which recruited
Class of city in which posted
'Z' class 'Y' class 'X' class
Level -6 25000 27000 30000
Level -7 32000 34000 37000

17. They may be paid Daily Allowance when on tour as admissible, at the rate of Rs.500/-.

18. Any other condition as considered essential in line with any other policy governing such engagements may be considered/included with the approval of PCPO, PFA and GM.