Acceptance of Gift By Government Servants: DPE Guidelines

Acceptance of Gift By Government Servants: DPE Guidelines


(f) Conduct, Discipline & Appeal Rules
Acceptance of gift by Government servants. 

The undersigned is directed to forward herewith a copy of a letter No. 002-MSC/70 dated the 27th August, 2003 issued by Central Vigilance Commission on the subject mentioned above with the request that the contents of the aforesaid letter may kindly be brought to the notice of all Public Sector Enterprises under administrative control of Ministries/ Departments for strict implementation under intimation to this Department.

(DPE O.M. No. 15(3)/2003-DPE(GM)/GL-48 dated 8th October, 2003)

Copy of CVC’s letter No. 002-MSC/70 dated the 27th August, 2003 

Acceptance of gifts by Government servants 

Gifts are presented by the public sector undertakings, banks etc. to a number of persons including government officials during festive occasions, such as, Diwali, Christmas, New Year etc. This matter has been the subject of comments in the press, media etc. The Commission has considered the matter and is of the view that this practice, at least, so far as Government servants are concerned, needs to be discouraged. The CCS (Conduct) Rules provide that no Government servant shall accept or permit any member of the family or any other person acting on his behalf to accept any gift except on occasions like weddings, anniversaries or religious functions. The practice of PSUs etc. sending gifts to government servants unnecessarily embarrasses them and puts them in a dilemma. The gifts are to be provided only to promote commercial/business interests and need not therefore be sent to government officials etc. who are only doing their duty. The public sector undertakings, banks etc. are, therefore, advised that they may follow this advice with immediate effect. The CVOs may bring this to the notice of the Chief Executives and all relevant executives. 

2. The Commission also would like to receive a report from the CVOs on the gift policy of the Company followed by them in the current year and the actual expenditure incurred by them as festival gifts. The Commission hopes to receive the special report by 15th January, 2004 and every year thereafter. 

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