All Officers/ Staff should be sensitized to improve the effectiveness/efficiency by use of technology

All Officers/ Staff should be sensitized to improve the effectiveness/efficiency by use of technology

Ministry of Communications
Department of Telecommunications
Public Grievances & Investigation Section
Room No. 605, Mahanagar Door Sanchar Bhavan, Old Minto Road
New Delhi-110002

No.: 13-06/2013-PG&I 
Date; 23rd Jul, 2018

Subject: Redress time for handling of Grievances in CPGRAMS.

It has been seen that Public Grievances received in DoT through CPGRAMS remain pending for redressal more than 60 days and even beyond 180 days in some cases. This has been viewed adversely by higher authorities in various review meetings.

2. During the discussion in PRAGATI meeting dated 23rd March, 2016 on the matter ‘Analysis of handling Public Grievances”, Hon’ble Prime Minister has desired that all efforts should be made to reduce the time taken for redress of a grievance from the existing two month period to one month. DARPG reiterated the same and issued further directions vide O.M. No. K-11022/1/2016-PG(part), dated 07.04.2016 and subsequently DPG also issued DC. No. 42/22/2018-DPG, dated 29.06.2018 regarding the same. (Copies encloSed)

3. All out effort should be made to redress public grievances received through various means including CPGRAMS within 30 days time frame. Accordingly, all the officers/ staff should be sensitized to improve the effectiveness / efficiency by use of technology.

4. Therefore. all Telecom Service Providers are requested to try their best to redress the grievances well within the time frame as specified in TRAI regulations or within a month time as desired by hon’ble Prime Minister. If any case is taking more than specified time of one month, then proper reason/ explanation of delay and expected time to redress the grievance should be intimated to the complainant and a downloadable copy of intimation may be uploaded to CPGRAMS.

This is issued with the approval of Member‘ (Services), DoT HQ.

(Rakesh Kumar)
Director (PG-I)
Ph. 011-23220537, Email:

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