Model for Grievance Redressal Procedure for Staff and Officers in the CPSEs

Model Grievance Redressal Procedure for Staff and Officers in the CPSEs


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Model Grievance Redressal Procedure for staff and officers in the Central Public Sector Enterprises 

The undersigned is directed to say that the need for evolving a suitable grievance redressal machinery for the officers and staff in the Central public sector undertakings has been engaging the attention of the Government for quite some time. It has been noticed that whereas several forums, backed by legislation, are available to workers/workmen for redressal of grievances, an adequate mechanism does not exist in most of the public enterprises through which officers and other staff could make known their grievances and seek redress. A model Grievance Redressal procedure has now been formulated. This will cover all officers and staff of the Central public sector enterprises excluding employees who are deemed to be workers/workmen under the Factories Act, 1948/Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 or any other similar legislation applicable to such categories. 

2. Such Central public sector enterprises who are already having an established formal procedure which is working satisfactorily need not adopt the procedure indicated in the Model enclosed. However, adaptation may be made under special circumstances as those obtaining in the Defence undertakings, organizations having several regional offices/projects, etc. 

3. The Ministry of Industry and Company Affairs, etc. are requested to advise the Public Enterprises under their administrative control to adopt the enclosed model procedure with or without modification as appropriate to the enterprise concerned. A copy of the grievance procedure so adopted by the enterprises may please be sent to the Bureau. 

(DPE O.M. No. 16(84)/82-GM dated 5th September, 1985.) 




1. Objectives 

The objective of the grievance redressal procedure is to provide an easily accessible machinery for settlement of grievances and to adopt measures in Central Public Sector Undertakings as would ensure expeditious settlement of grievances of staff and officers leading to increased satisfaction on the job and resulting in improved productivity and efficiency of the organization. 

2. Applicability 

The scheme will cover all staff and officers of the organisation except employees who are deemed to be workers/workmen under the Factories Act 1948/Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 or any other legislation applicable to such categories of employees.

3. Grievance

‘Grievance’ for the purpose of this scheme would only mean a grievance relating to any staff member/officer arising out of the implementation of the policies/rules or decisions of the organization. It can include matters relating to leave, increment, acting arrangements, non-extension of benefits under rules, interpretation of Service Rules, etc., of an individual nature. 

4. Procedure for handling grievances 

Subject to the above provisions, individual grievances of staff members and officers shall henceforth be processed and dealt within the following manner: 

4.1 An aggrieved staff member or officer shall take up his grievance(s) orally with his immediate superior who will give a personal hearing and try to resolve the grievance(s) at his level within a week. 

4.2 If the grievance is not satisfactorily redressed, the aggrieved staff member/officer may submit his grievance in writing to the Departmental Head concerned or to the Personnel Officer/Manager as may be determined by the Chief Executive of the organization. Such Nominated Authority will record his comments on the representation within seven days, and if need be refer it to the Grievance Redressal Committee in case the grievance is not resolved or settled amicably. The recommendation of the Grievance Redressal Committee will be conveyed within one month to the Deciding Authority to be nominated by the Chief Executive and the decision of the Deciding Authority will be final, subject to the provisions contained in para 4.3 below. 

4.3 In exceptional cases, with the concurrence of the Grievance Redressal Committee, the aggrieved staff member/officer whose grievance has been considered and is not satisfied with the decision of the Deciding Authority, will have an option to appeal either to the Director concerned or to the Chief Executive. A decision on such appeals will be taken within one month of the receipt of the appeal. The decision of the Director concerned or the Chief Executive, as the case may be, will be final and binding on the aggrieved staff member/officer and the management.
4.4 Grievances in respect of the following two categories of officers will not fall within the purview of the Grievance Redressal Committee. In their case, the procedure will be as under: 
  • i. In the case of officers who are one step below the Board level, the individual grievance may be taken up with the concerned Director. 
  • ii. Officers reporting directly to the Chief Executive may approach him for resolving their grievances. 
5. Composition of the Redressal Committee 

The Chief Executive of the organization may determine the composition and tenure of the Grievance Redressal Committee. 
  • 5.1 In the case of multi-unit organizations the Chief Executive may constitute Grievance Committees at the Regional level and also nominate the Deciding Authorities. However, if the supervisors/officers in such Regional units are not satisfied with the decision of the Deciding Authority, then they may prefer an appeal to the Grievance Redressal Committee at the Headquarters. The committee should consider and take a decision on the grievances within a period of one month failing which it should be brought to the notice of the Director (Personnel) or the Chief Executive of the organization. The Grievance Redressal Committee should meet at least once a month. 
6. Overall guidance and conditions 

6.1 The Staff member/officer shall bring up his grievance immediately and in any case within a period of 3 months of its occurrence. 

6.2 If the grievance arises out of an order given by the management the said order shall be complied with before the staff member / officer concerned invokes the procedure laid down herein for redressal of his grievance. 

6.3 Grievance pertaining to or arising out of the following shall not come under the purview of the grievance procedure: 
  • a. Annual performance appraisals/Confidential Reports; 
  • b. Promotions including DPC’s minutes and decisions; 
  • c. Where the grievance does not relate to an individual employee or officer; and 
  • d. In the case of any grievance arising out of discharge or dismissal of a staff member or officer. 
6.4 Grievances pertaining to or arising out of disciplinary action or appeal against such action shall be channelled to the competent authority as laid down under the Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules of the organization and in such cases the grievance redressal procedure will not apply. 

6.5 All grievances referred to the Grievance Redressal Committee/ Director (Personnel)/Chief Executive shall be entered in a Register to be maintained for the purpose by the designated officer(s). The number of grievances, settled or pending, will be reported to the Chief Executive every month.

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