Model Vigilance Structure For PSUs: DPE Guideline

Model Vigilance Structure For PSUs: DPE Guideline 


g) Vigilance Policies 
Model vigilance structure for PSUs. 

The Government having expressed its concern to tackle corruption and make the functioning of investigating and vigilance agencies more independent, effective, credible and prompt entrusted the Department of AR & PG to conduct a study on vigilance set up in respect of CPSUs. The study observed that the nature of functions and operations of PSUs is different, dissimilar and largely of a heterogeneous type. Nevertheless, it stated that the vigilance division in PSUs by and large deals with investigations, disciplinary proceedings, anti-corruption work, preventive vigilance and in some cases technical and audit work and all vigilance units in the PSUs should have adequate personnel to carry out all these functions. The study concluded that it would be impractical to recommend a uniform vigilance set up for all PSUs but emphasised the need for a vigilance set up in each PSU to have the desired manpower requirements of skilled and trained vigilance personnel and recommended the following model of vigilance set up for the PSUs as a broad guideline to be adopted with such modifications as may be appropriate to their requirement:– 

  • i. Chief Vigilance Officer 
  • ii. Dy. CVO (For Schedule ‘A’ and ‘B’ PSUs) 
  • iii. Vigilance Wings 
a) Investigation Wing
  • Sr. Vigilance Officer - One 
  • Investigators  - Two 
  • Steno  - Two 
b) Anti-Corruption and Vigilance Wing 
  • Sr. Vigilance Officer - One 
  • Vigilance Assistant   - Two
  • Steno   - One
c) Disciplinary Proceedings Wing 
  • Sr. Vigilance Officer    - One 
  • Vigilance Assistant    -   Two
  • Steno   -   One 
d) Preventive Vigilance Wing 
  • Sr. Vigilance Officer  - One
  • Vigilance Officer    -  One
  • Steno  -  One
e) Technical Wing (This is applicable to PSUs engaged in engineering and other technical operations). 
  • Sr. Vigilance Officer - One
  • Vigilance Officer - One
  • Expert   -  One
  • Steno -  One 
2. Regional/Project/Plant Office: (This is applicable to Schedule ‘A’ and ‘B’ PSUs only) 
  • Sr. Vigilance Officer - One
  • Investigator  -  One 
  • Steno   -  One
3. This recommendation has been examined in this Department and it has been decided that PSUs should take immediate steps for adoption of the model vigilance structure with suitable modifications depending upon the size, function and operation of the organisation. 

4. All the Administrative Ministries/Departments, therefore, are requested to advise the PSUs under their administrative control to take necessary action on the above lines and furnish action taken report to the DPE within a period of six months from the date of issue of this OM 

(DPE O.M. No.15(7)/98(GL-009)/GM dated 25th September, 1998) 

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