Pay Fixation of Re-Employed Ex-Servicemen

Pay Fixation of Re-Employed Ex-Servicemen 


No: Pay/Tech-l/069/XVII
Dated: 02/08/2018 
Sub: Pay fixation of re-employed Ex-Servicemen 

Ref: HQ office letter No.AT/II/2455-VI dated 06.07.2018 

Kindly find, enclosed, HQ office letter quoted under reference on the above subject alongwith its enclosure. 

It has been inferred in Para 5 of the aforesaid letter that the provisions of Para 8(iii) of DoP&T OM No 3/3/2016-Estt (Pay-II) dated 01.05.2017 and hence Para 3(v) of DoP&T OM No 3/19/2009-Estt (Pay II) dated 05.04.2010, which is analogical to para 8(iii) of OM No 3/3/2016-Estt (Pay-II) dated 01.05.2017, are applicable only for the pay fixation of retired Gr A officers on re-employment and not for the pay fixation of PBORs on re-employment in civil posts. Accordingly, pay fixation of persons who retired as PBOR and got re-employed in civil posts, in the revised structure of 6th CPC is to be regulated as per the provisions laid down in para 4(b)(i), 4(b)(ii) read with para 4(d) of DoP&T OM No 3/19/2009-Estt (Pay II) dated 05.04.2010. 

Affected cases may be dealt with accordingly. 

PC of A (Fys) has seen. 
Dy Controller of Accounts(Fys)