Representation of NFIR - Upgradation of pay structure of JEs/SSEs

Representation of NFIR regarding upgradation of pay structure of JEs/SSEs 


No. PC-VII/20151R-U19 (Part.) 
New Delhi, dated: 06/08/2018 

The General Secretary, 
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen 
3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi – 55. 

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Sub: Representation of NFIR regarding upgradation of pay structure of JEs/SSEs. 

Ref: NFIR’s letter No. IV/NFIR/7 CPC(Imp)2017/R.B – Part. II dated 23.07.2018. 

Please refer to NFIR’s representation dated 23.07.2018 addressed to Hon’ble MR requesting intervention of Hon’ble for obtaining approval of Ministry of Finance (MoF) for upgradation GP-4600 to GP-4800. 

With respect to above, it is stated that Railway Board have been” making persistent efforts with various levels for obtaining approval of proposal sent MoF vide Board’s OM dated 08.02.2017 proposing revision of pay structure of Sr.Supervisors in Group ‘C’ of all departments (other than Account Department) to upgrade 75% of such Supervisor posts from Level-7 (erstwhile GP-4600) to Level-8 (erstwhile GP – 4800) and to bring parity in the pay scales of Group 13′ Officers Accounts/Non-Accounts department. 

3. It has already been intimated to NFIR through ATS on PNM-NFIR Item Nos. 3 & 10/2018 that a D.O. letter dated 20.04.2017 was sent from Hon’ble MR to Hon’ble FM for expediting approval on above proposal. Thereafter, a reminder dated 15.05.2018 from EDPC-­II to JS(Pers)/MoF was also sent in this connection. Recently, a D.O. letter dated 13.07.2018 (Annex-I) from Board(CRB) to Finance Secretary has also been sent requesting them to expedite approval on Board’s proposal dated 08.02.2017. 

For Secretary, Railway Board 


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