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DoP&T - Requisition for Recruitment by Selection-Check List : UPSC 33

Requisition for Recruitment by Selection-Check List : UPSC 33


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 16th January, 2020


Requisition for Recruitment by Selection-Check-List

Sl.No. Information to be provided Item No. Yes/ No
Whether the requisition has been submitted in the prescribed proforma?
Yes/ No
Whether requisition has been signed in original showing the name, designation and telephone number of the requisitioning authority?
Yes/ No
Whether the Requisitioning Authority is empowered by the Administrative Ministry / Department to place the Requisition with the UPSC directly?
1Yes/ No
If yes, whether the relevant document / order has been enclosed?
1Yes/ No
Whether brief particulars of the post have been given in the required format about designation, pay scale & total Emoluments (excluding HRA & CCA), Group & Service Cadre and total number of posts sanctioned (permanent and Temporary) have been indicated as per ecruitment Rules?
2Yes/ No
Whether the existing vacancies and anticipated vacancies upto one year from the date of requisition have been included as per MHA OM No. 9 / 21/ 68-RPS dated 10.06.1969 read with OM. No. 23/ 38/ 69-Estt (B) dated 13.03.1969and subsequent amendments/ instructions thereto /thereunder?
3Yes/ No
Whether the reservation for SC, ST, OBC and EWS has been worked out on the basis of general principles for making and operating post-based reservation roster as laid down in the DOP&T OM No. 36012 / 2 / 96-Estt.(Res) dated 02.07.1997 and newly recast group wise post-based reservation roster register for direct recruitment in accordance with format given in Annexure II, III, IV and V, as the case may be, as mentioned m para 6 of DOP&T OM No. 36039 / 1/2019-Estt(Res) dated 31.01.2019?
3Yes/ No
Whether the requisition has been placed after scrutiny of all Direct Recruitment vacancies and enforcing the reduction as per procedure given m the DOP&T OM No. 2 / 8/ 2001-PIC, dated 16.05.2001, if the date of occurrence of vacancies is prior to 31.03.2009?
3Yes/ No
9. Whether the reasons of occurrence of vacancies have been indicated in the requisition along with the date of occurrence?3Yes/ No
10. Whether the requirements of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and the policy relating to reservation for persons with benchmark disabilities has been taken care of while sending this requisition?3Yes/ No
11. Whether the suitability and reservation for Persons with benchmark disabilities has been considered / worked out on the basis of DOP&T OM No. 36035/ 02 / 2017-Estt (Res) dated 15/01/ 2018, and have taken notice of amendments/ reviews made from time to time by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment) 1n respect of identification of posts suitable for Persons with Benchmark Disabilities?3Yes/ No
12. If the vacancies are being requisitioned on temporary basis, whether such vacancies would exist for more than three years as per M / o Home Affairs OM No.F.2 / 4 / 67-Estt.(B) dated 08.06.1967 and subsequent amendments/ instructions thereto / thereunder ?4Yes/ No
13. Whether the details of Court cases/ litigation / decisions have been mentioned along with impact, if any?5Yes/ No
14. Whether it has been certified under NOTE that the detailsof court cases, if any, arising after sending the requisition and effect such court case(s) may have on the requisition sent shall be conveyed to the Commission immediately and without fail?5Yes/ No
15. Whether complete details regarding Recruitment Rules/ Service Rules viz notification, review etc. have been mentioned completely?6 &
Yes/ No
16. Whether certified copy of notified Recruitment Rules/ Service Rules have been enclosed?6Yes/ No
17. Whether the vacancies to be filled come under Direct Recruitment quota as per the notified Recruitment Rules?8Yes/ No
18. If the present requisition for direct recruitment is on account of some other method of recruitment having failed, whether the reference number and date of the Commission advice to the Ministry/ Department to resort to direct recruitment has been indicated and a copy of the same has been enclosed?9Yes/ No
19 Whether the Essential and Desirable Qualification details have been \Vorked out in a clear and comprehensive manner in accordance with the Notified Recruitment Rules/ Service Rules?10 Yes/No
20. In case, the above indicate Educational Qualification includes the term “or equivalent”, whether the exhaustive list of equivalent Educational Qualifications has been provided in consultation with the Commission?10 Yes/No
21. In case, the above indicated Experience Qualification IS not clear / ambiguous or not quantified or not clearly prescribed the specific area(s)m which the experience IS required, whether the same has been redefined explicitlyAnd clearly m consultation with the Commission?10 Yes/No
22 Whether the Age Limit and Relaxations are as 11 per Notified Recruitment Rules/ Service Rules and extant instruction of govt. of India on the subject? Yes/No
23. In case, the Age relaxation under any Specific provisions/Special circumstances/Court orders have been indicated, whether the copiesof notes/ correspondence /decision obtaining prior concurrence of the DOP&T/ Home Ministry and pnor consultation with the Commission have been enclosed?11 Yes/No
24. Whether the Period of Probation, Place of Posting and other details etc. are as per Notified Recruitment Rules/Service Rules and extant instructions of Govt. of India on the subject?12 & 14 Yes/No
25. Whether duties have been indicated in brief not exceeding 40 words?13 Yes/No
26. Whether information on any other requirement or conditions not covered above has been given, if any?16 Yes/No
27. If direct recruitment was made earlier for identical posts, whether the reference and date of the latest communication from the Commission (including infructuous case) has been indicated?17 Yes/No
28. If the present requisition IS within six months from the previous one, whether satisfactory reason(s) has/ have been indicated?17 Yes/No
29. Whether the name, address & telephone number of the Ministry’ s Representative with whom the proposal (s) lS to be discussed has been indicated?18Yes/ No
30. Whether the clauses which are not applicable have been crossed?19Yes/ No
31. Whether No Objection Certificates have been obtained from the Surplus Cell of the DOP&T (now designated as Division of Retraining and Redeployment) and the Director General (Resettlement), M / O Defence, and placed as annexure to this requisition?19Yes/ No
32. Whether all required relevant certificates have been enclosed along with the requisition?19Yes/ No
33. Whether the name of the officer not below the level of Joint Secretary/ Additional Secretary concerned, who has approved the requisition, has been indicated?19Yes/ No


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