MoF Order : Payment of Salary to CG Employees on 29th May 2018 due to Bank Strike

LTC - DoPT Clarification: Air fare for Govt Servant's Children Below the age of 5 Yrs

अनुवाद कार्य के लिए देय पारिश्रमिक/मानदेय में वृद्धि के संबंध में - गृह मंत्रालय राजभाषा विभाग

CPAO – Non-issue of Pension slip by banks - CPPC Guidelines

Tenure of Deputation / Foreign Service: Amendment in Para 8.1 and Para 8.2 of deputation guidelines issued by DoPT

Relaxation of Rules for consideration of reimbursement in excess of the approved rates pertaining to medical claims

Revised Pay of Employees following CDA pattern in CPSEs -Government decision on allowances

7th CPC: Application of “Very Good” bench mark for grant of MACP and Promotion - DoPT's clarification

Guaranteed Pension/Family Pension Scheme to the staff covered under NPS - NC(JCM)

GDS Union Strike – NFPE writes letter to Secretary: Department of Posts