Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu Inaugurates/ Dedicates Various Initiatives pertaining to State of Tamil Nadu/ Kerala

Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu Inaugurates/ Dedicates Various Initiatives pertaining to State of Tamil Nadu/ Kerala


Indian Railways is heralding in a new era vying for a turnaround in the system. To cater to the diverse rail needs of the burgeoning populace, an array of modern facilities and services are being inducted into the system progressively. With focus on key areas such as infrastructural development, cleanliness, safety and security, Indian Railways has embarked on a journey of transformation. In this direction, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu Dedicated/ Inaugurated following initiatives pertaining to Tamil Nadu & Kerala through video-conferencing from Rail Bhawan today i.e. 19-08-17

Initiatives taken in Tamil Nadu

1. Inauguration of additional rest room at new concourse at Chennai Central station (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

2. Dedication to the Nation-LED lighting at Chennai Central (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

3. Inauguration of new foot over bridge at Tiruvottiyur station (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

4. Inauguration of new booking office at western side of Guindy station (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

5. Inauguration of two escalators at Chepauk station on Platform no. 1 & 2 (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

6. Dedication to the nation-Hi speed Wi-fi facility at Chengalpattu Junction (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

7. Dedication to the Nation-Hi speed Wi-fi facility, Information Centre & CCTV Cameras at Katpadi Station. (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

8. Dedication to the Nation-food plaza at Arakkonam (at Chennai Central Railway Station).

9. Dedication to the Nation-App based cab service for passengers at Tiruchichirapalli junction station (at Tiruchchirappalli Junction Railway Station).

10.Dedication to the Nation-new parking facility for passengers at stations of Tiruchchirappalli Division (Papanasam, Mannargudi, Tiruchchirappalli Fort & Tiruchchirappalli Junction) (at Tiruchchirappalli Junction Railway Station).

11. Dedication to the Nation-doubling of Manapparai - Kalpattichatram Section (at Madurai Junction Railway Station).

12. Dedication to the Nation- 5 Limited Use Sub-ways in lieu of LC Gates no. 406, 491, 496, 536 & 14 in Madurai Division (at Madurai Junction Railway Station).

13. Dedication to the Nation-3 Foot Over Bridges at Sholavandan, Ambaturai and Samayanallur stations of Madurai Division (at Madurai Junction Railway Station).

14. Dedication to the Nation-New VIP Lounge at Salem Junction station (at Salem Junction Railway Station).

15. Dedication to the Nation-Extension of foot over bridge to the second entry of Salem Junction station (at Salem Junction Railway Station).

16. Dedication to the Nation- foot over bridge at Samalpatti station (at Salem Junction Railway Station).

Initiatives taken in Kerala

1. Inauguration of AC paid waiting hall at 2 stations Thiruvananthapuram and Quilon in association with Kudumbasree (at Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station).

2. Dedication to the Nation-foot over bridge at Kochuveli connecting both entry (at Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station).

3. Dedication to the Nation-10 concrete benches at Quilon Junction station funded by Hon’ble MP Shri Suresh Gopi through MPLAD (at Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station).

4. Dedication to the Nation-doubling of Tiruvalla-Chenganasseri section (at Ernakulam Junction Railway Station).

5. Inauguration of passenger lift at Chengannur Junction on Platform no. 1 (at Ernakulam Junction Railway Station).

6. Inauguration of one passenger lift at Ernakulam Junction on Platform no. 1 & 2 / 3 (at Ernakulam Junction Railway Station).

7. Dedication to the Nation-4 Water Vending Machines at 3 stations of Thiruvananthapuram Division (Ernakulam Junction-1, Ernakulam Town-2 and Aluva-1) (at Ernakulam Junction Railway Station).

8. Inauguration of 2 lifts at Kannur station on Platform no. 1, 2 / 3 (at Kannur Railway Station).

Mohd Jamshed, Member Traffic, Railway Board, other Railway Board Members and senior officials were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu said, “Indian Railways has been focussing on providing better passenger amenities & augmenting capacity. There has been tremendous increase in the budget allocation for building Railway Infrastructure in states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Indian Railways is aiming at building better Railways for everyone by participation of all.”

Salient Features of Projects launched today

At Chennai Central Railway Station (Tamil Nadu)

1) Inauguration of Additional Rest Room at New concourse at Chennai Central Station-

The Pay & Use Toilet in new concourse of Chennai Central has been renovated at cost of Rs. 60 Lakhs with state-of-the art amenities. The concept wall in the frontage gives a pleasing ambience to the facility.

2) Dedication to the Nation – LED Lighting at Chennai Central Station-

A total of 2388 nos. of conventional lights of various wattages have been replaced with 2402 nos. of energy efficient LED lights of various wattages. Facilitated at a cost of Rs.50 lakh, these energy efficient lighting will result in reduction in carbon emission of 262 MT per year, savings to the tune of 60 lakh units and Rs.60 lakh per month.

3) Inauguration of New Foot Over Bridge at Tiruvottiyur Station (Tamil Nadu)

The new Foot Over Bridge will provide access to the travelling public from both East side and West side of the station yard to reach platform Nos. 1 & 2/3 at Tiruvottiyur station. The project has been commissioned at a cost of Rs. 1.44 lakh.

4) Inauguration of new Booking Office at Western side of Guindy Station(Tamil Nadu)-

The Reservation cum booking office is newly constructed on the Western side of the Guindy Railway Station facing GST Road. The building has been constructed in an area 195 at the cost of Rs. 48.75 lakhs. Equipped with 7 ticket counters, both UTS and PRS tickets can be booked here.

5) Inauguration of 2 Escalators at Chepauk station (Tamil Nadu) on PF No.1 & 2-

Two nos. of passenger escalators have been commissioned at Chepauk Railway station in place of old defective escalators to platform no.1 and platform no.2. The cost of the Project isRs. 1.36 Crore. Being elevated stations in MRTS section, these escalators facilitate the easy movement of passengers especially senior citizens.

6) Dedication to the Nation – Hi-Speed Wi-Fi facility at Chengalpattu Jn station (Tamil Nadu)-

High speed Wi-Fi commissioned by RCIL in collaboration with Google will cover all the 6 platforms, circulating area and VIP lounge at Chengalpattu Jn. Each access point has the capacity to cater about 200 – 250 subscribers at a time.

7) Dedication to the Nation - Hi-speed Wi-Fi facility, Information Centre and CCTV Cameras at Katpadi Jn station (Tamil Nadu).
CCTV surveillance camera at Katpadi Railway station
Surveillance camera system has been installed at Katpadiwith total 42 No of IP based digital cameras monitored centrally in the control room manned by RPF personnel. Installed at a cost of Rs.1.2cr, these cameras will help check the crimes against passengers in the station premises.
  • Information Centre at Katpadi Railway Station
Information centre at Katpadi station brings all the different type of passenger information facilities under one roofthrough which data can be fed to all the information boards. It is setup with one number of PC based announcement and information display system and NTES terminal. The centre is provided at a cost of Rs. 33.6 lakh.
  • Wi-Fi system at Katpadi Railway Station
High speed Wi-Fi commissioned by RCIL in collaboration with Google covers all the 5 platforms of Katpadi station. Each access point has the capacity to cater about 200 – 250 subscribers at a time.

8) Dedication to the Nation -Food Plaza at Arakkonam Jn station (Tamil Nadu)-

To tickle the taste buds of customers with choicest delicacies, IRCTC has set up a Food Plaza at Arakkonam Jn in an area of 1752 sq.ft.

II. Tiruchchirappalli Junction (Tamil Nadu)

9) Dedication of APP BASED CAB SERVICES to the Nation :

APP BASED CAB SERVICES have been facilitated at Tiruchchirappalli first Entry in Unit II & III with anarea coverage of 210 with a total capacity of 20 cabs. Introduction of these services will give positive impact on Non Fare Revenue and will boost the image of Railways among travelling public.

10) A. Dedication of Parking Spaces at Tiruchchirappalli Junction (Tamil Nadu)

i) TPJ II Entry Premium Car Parking:

An Exclusive area for car parking with an area coverage of 855 at Tiruchchirappalli Junction II Entry with 50 cars parking capacity has been provided.

ii) TPJ I Entry Premium Two Wheeler Parking:

A New Premium Two Wheeler Parking with a huge area coverage of 9000 at Tiruchchirappalli Junction I Entry, exclusively earmarked for Two Wheeler Parking with a total capacity of 5000 Two Wheelers has been facilitated.

iii) TPJ I Entry Car Parking

The New Car Parking at Tiruchchirappalli I Entry with an area coverage of 895.5 with the total car parking capacity of 58 cars has been provided.

B. Dedication of Parking Spaces at Tiruchchirappalli Fort Railway Station (Tamil Nadu)

A new parking space with an area coverage of 1965 exclusive purpose of parking of four wheelers with a total capacity of 100 cars has been provided. A new vast 9000 area for the purpose of parking of Two Wheelers and Four Wheelers with total capacity of 2500 Two Wheelers and 250 cars has also been facilitated.

C, Dedication of Parking Space at Mannargudi Railway Station (Tamil Nadu)

A New parking area for the purpose of parking of Two Wheelers and Four Wheelers with an area coverage of 4292 with total parking capacity of 1500 Two Wheelers and 125 Cars has been provided.

D. Dedication of Parking Space at Papanasam Railway Station (Tamil Nadu)

A New Parking area for the purpose of parking of Two Wheelers and Four Wheelers with an area coverage of 2500 total parking capacity of 750 Two Wheelers and 50 cars has been facilitated.

III.Madurai Junction Railway Station (Tamil Nadu)

11) Dedication of doubling between Manapparai-Kalpattichatram section (23km)

As part of Villupuram – Dindigul doubling project, doubling between Manapparai-Kalpattichatram section (23km) has been completed and commissioned for traffic.

12) Dedication of 5 Limited use Subways in lieu of LC gates

To ease traffic congestion and to minimise trespassing accidents, 5 Limited Use Subways were constructed in lieu of LC gates in Madurai Division. This will provide safer access to railway stations also.

13) Dedication of 3 Foot Over Bridges at Sholavandan, Ambaturai and Samayanallur stations

Foot Over Bridges constructed at Sholavandan, Ambaturai and Samayanallur stations will immensely benefit commuters as they can reach their Platforms and entry/exit points easily.

IV. Salem Junction Railway Station (Tamil Nadu)

14) Dedication of New VIP Lounge at Salem Jn

To receive and host the VIPs visiting Salem Junction, the new VIP Lounge is being located at PF No.1 near the main concourse area. This air conditioned VIP Lounge will serve the VIPs/Dignitaries arriving at/departing from Salem Junction, round the clock. This lounge has a seating capacity of 12 persons and has been provided with an attached toilet facility.

15) Dedication of extension of Foot Over Bridge to the second entry of Salem Junction

The western side of the Salem Junction is being developed to decongest the junction premises, by shifting major functions there, since sufficient space is available on the other side. With a view to facilitate passengers reach the second entry, the present FOB that was so far connecting PF No. 1, 3/4, and 5 has been extended to the second entry of Salem Junction, at a cost of Rs.1 crore (approximately). This will assist development of second entry to Salem Junction.

16) Dedication of Footover Bridge at Samalpatti Station :

Samalpatti Station in the Jolarpet-Salem Section is one of the important stations in Salem Division, with stoppage of 5 express trains and 6 passenger trains. Earlier, passengers were using the trolley path at the end to reach PF No.2, from PF 1 and vice versa. With a view to assist passengers reach PF No.2 safely and comfortably, a new FOB has been constructed in Samalpatti, at a cost of Rs.1 crore (approximately).

V. Trivandrum Central Railway Station (Kerala)

1) Dedication of AC Paid waiting Rooms with Kudumbasree

AC Paid waiting room at Trivandrum Central with seating capacity of 48 passengers has been set up in association with Kudumbashree, an all women Self Help Group under Govt. of Kerala. At Kollam station also the facility is manned by Kudumbashree and the hall has a seating capacity of 40. A mini library, TV, washrooms and a kids play zone are additional features of these AC waiting hall. A reasonable entry fee of Rs.25/hour is charged

2) Dedication of FOB at Kochuveli (Kerala)

A Foot Over Bridge at Kochuveli would alleviate the difficulty of commuters as they can access Platforms as well as both entries of the station. The FOB, constructed at a cost Rs-2.5 crore, is the longest one in Kerala.

3) Dedication of 10 Concrete Benches at Kollam Funded By Shri Suresh Gopi, MP(RS) through MPLAD at a cost of Rs-1 Lakh, 10 concrete benches are provided at Kollam Jn.

VI. Ernakulam Junction Railway Station (Kerala)

4) Dedication of Double Line between Tiruvalla – Changansseri- Work on double line between Tiruvalla-Changanasseri section of 7.94 km length completed and Line commissioned on 28-03-17. Two additional Lines with full rake unloading facility and a platform with 26 coach capacity was also commissioned along with the work at Tiruvalla.

5) Inauguration of Passenger lifts at Chengannur - Lifts are provided to assist the people with disability, the elderly, the women and the children among others. In addition, installation of Lifts at Railway Stations, Platforms will help to boost the image of Railways in public eye and Railways commitment to valuable Rail users.

6) Inauguration of Passenger lifts at Ernakulam Jn- A lift has been commissioned at PF No.1 and at Ernakulam Jn, 2 lifts have been commissioned, at PF1 and PF2/3. Ernakulam and Chengannur lisfts are commissioned at estimated cost of 37 lakhs.

7) Dedication of Water Vending Machines at Tiruvananthapuram Division- Taking forward the Railways’ mission to provide clean drinking water at stations IRCTCis installing water vending machines at Aluva, Ernakulam Jn, Ernakulam Town.

VII. Kannur Railway Station (Kerala)

8) Dedication of 2 Passenger Lifts at Kannur Railway station

To facilitate easy access to Platform No.1 and 2/3 at Kannur station, 2 passenger lifts have been installed. This will benefit differently-abled, sick and senior citizens.


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Param News: Central Government Employee News|Latest DOPT OM: Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu Inaugurates/ Dedicates Various Initiatives pertaining to State of Tamil Nadu/ Kerala
Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu Inaugurates/ Dedicates Various Initiatives pertaining to State of Tamil Nadu/ Kerala
Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu Inaugurates/ Dedicates Various Initiatives pertaining to State of Tamil Nadu/ Kerala Initiatives taken in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Salient Features of Projects
Param News: Central Government Employee News|Latest DOPT OM
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