Instructions for the Principal/DCs/Director ZIETs for the Authentication and Verification of the Transfer Applications

Instructions for the Principal/DCs/Director ZIETs for the Authentication and Verification of the Transfer Applications filled ONLINE by the employees of the KVs of the region/RegionaI Office/ZIET:-


1. Every Principal, Deputy Commissioner 85 Director ZIET shall be provided with an individual Id and One-Time Password (OTP) by the KVS to Login the KVS Transfer Portal/URL i.e. On first login, they have to change their password and re-set a new password. This User Id and password must be kept in the safe 85 personal custody of the officer so that the same cannot be misused by anyone else. OTPs will be communicated to all controlling officers through ROS in a confidential e-mail.

2. In the case of employees posted in Vidyalayas, ROS, ZIETs 85 at KVS (HQ), Principal, Dy. Commissioner, Director ZIET 85 AC (Estt.II 85 III) are the controlling officers. They will ensure the correctness of the data submitted by the employee in online transfer application. After verification and authentication, they will submit the applications to onward. They are supposed to edit/ modify the data filled by the employee to ensure correctness.

3. Verification and Authentication of data filled- by the employees in the Transfer Application must be carried out specifically in the lights of various provisions of the Transfer guidelines ’of 2017 and other related instructions therein. It must confirm both Text 85 Format of the Transfer Application.

4. Cases of the age under 40 years, Posting with Spouse/LTR/MDG/Widow/PH and disabled dependent child need special scrutiny and attention to avoid any discrepancy.

5. Completeness of transfer application in all aspects and Correctness of data filled in the application must be ensured personally by the Controlling Officers before onward submission to KVS (HQ) within the prescribed time limit.

6. Representation, if any received with regard to Transfer Application (TA) from any employee should be disposed of Within the stipulated time. Controlling officer should save a copy of transfer application of all employees working under his control. A copy of printed transfer application certified by the controlling officer must be given to the employee for his/her reference under proper acknowledgement.

7. Principal in KV, Deputy Commissioner in Regional Office 85 Director in ZIET will provide necessary facilities, like adequate number of computers with internet connectivity for the employees to fill the online transfer application. However, an employee shall be at liberty to fill his/ her transfer application from any place as per his/her convenience. 

8. Data related service and personal records of an employee need to be verified from the official records invariably by the principal/DC/Director etc. Date of Birth of employee, whether he/she has already completed tenure in a Hard/ NER/ Very Hard stations, whether any exemption has been given to him/ her by the KVS against displacement, APAR grades should be confirmed & checked carefully.

9. Tally of total employees posted in KVs and Regional Office of a particular region will be checked and certified by the regional office. The Director ZIET will also do the same in the case of employees of the ZIET.

10. It must be ensured by everyone associated with this process that transfer application is finally submitted error free and flawlessly. Many times, it has been experienced that mistakes committed by an individual or an official takes a long time to resolve 85 it costs heavily to the KVS in terms of wastage of energy, time, money and loss of other organizational interests.

11. KVS will provide assistance to all employees for filling online transfer application through their controlling officers from 9 AM to 9 PM for the specified period. Controlling officers can contact on landline no. 011-26857036 installed in the office of Asstt. Commissioner (Estt.II 85 III).

12. All communications/ correspondence should be made by the controlling officers on the dedicated e-mail ID for KVS Online Transfers i.e. only. Communication sent through other modes of: through other e-mail IDs shall not be entertained. Queries regarding setting of passwords, availability of employee code etc. should be communicated by this e-mail ID.
Important Instructions for the KVS employees for filling ONLINE Transfer Application -2017-18
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