Method for Request Transfer: Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan


Request transfer for a post will be considered at a station on the basis of decreasing order of "Transfer Count" computed on the basis of clause 10 of competing employees. In case of a tie in the transfer count of two or more employees competing for a location/station, the female employee shall be preferred first. In case of tie in two or more employees of the same gender an employee with an earlier date of joining in present post in present station shall be accommodated and in case, if the date of joining in present post in present station also coincides then the older employee shall be first accommodated. Transfer counts of all request transfer applications shall be displayed on KVS website.


Fresh applications shall be invited for Mutual and transfer against No-Taker Vacancies as per the prescribed schedule.

a) Provided, a cut off mark C1 on transfer count may be prescribed on year to year basis in such a way that an employee whose transfer count is equal to C1 or more may be transferred in one of the desired station(s) even by way of displacement of an employee as per clause 5(c). In the event, if, there is no clear vacancy at the desired station(s), in such cases, an employee having the highest displacement count subject to not being below D1 & D2 shall be liable to be displaced from within the choice station(s) in order of preference indicated by the needy employee. If no employee holding the same post and having a displacement count D1 & D2, as the case may be found in all the choice station(s) going in order of preference indicated by an employee the request of such a needy employee may not be acceded to. Displacement transfer of an employee shall be effected in accordance with the provisions of para 7(a) of the Transfer Guidelines.

b) Provided, a lower cut off mark C2 on Transfer Count may be prescribed on year to year basis below which the request shall not be accommodated in a particular year. Request for transfer of an employee whose transfer count is less than C1 but greater or equal to C2 shall be considered subject to existence of a vacancy in the desired locations/ stations preferably in KVs having more vacancies thereafter in KVs having less vacancies.

c) Provided, more factors can be added/ deleted, points allocated for different factors can be altered to remediate any imbalance resulting in transfers, on year to year basis. Changes shall be notified well in advance before inviting applications.

d) Provided further, the request of an employee with a lower transfer count can be accommodated in preference to employee(s) with higher transfer count if the services of such an employee are essential for efficient functioning of the organization or in view of such other circumstances faced by the employee which justifies such out of turn consideration.

e) Provided that employees with differently abled dependent children should be given posting in 'A' B' class cities in case they are not able to get transfer to their choice stations indicated. Further in such cases, percentage of disability should be as per DOPT norms.

DOPT OM No.42011/ 3/2014-Estt.(Res) dated 05.01.2016 has clarified that the word "disabled" includes (i) blindness or low vision (ii) hearing impairment (iii) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy (iv) leprosy cured (v) mental retardation (vi) mental illness (vii) multiple disabilities (viii) autism (ix) Thalassemia and (x) Haemophilia.

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