Submission of AIPR for the Year- 2017 by the officers of IP&TAFS Gr ‘A’ & ‘B’: DoT Format

Submission of Annual lmmovable Property Return (AlPR) for the Year- 2017 by the officers of IP&TAFS Gr ‘A’ & ‘B’
File No.12-0112017ISEA-II
Government of India
Ministry of Communication
Department of Telecommunications
521, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi - 1 10001

Dated: 13th December, 2017

Subject: Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return (AlPR) for the Year- 2017 by the officers of IP&TAFS Gr ‘A’ & ‘B’ -reg.

1. In accordance with the provisions of Rule-18 (1) (ii) of CCS (Conduct) Rule-1964, every government servant belonging to any service or holding a Group ‘A’ or Group ‘B’ post shall have to submit Annual Irnmovable Property Return in such form as may be prescribed by the government giving full particulars regarding the Immovable Property inherited by him/ her or owned or acquired by him/her on lease or mortgage either in his/her name or in the name of any member of his/ her family or in the name of any other person dependent on him. The ALPR is to be submitted as on first January every year in respect of the preceding year. Care must be taken to indicate the sanction particulars invariably in respect of all properties declared in the return.

2. Further, attention is drawn towards DoP&T OM No. 11012/11/2007-Estt.A dated 27/9/2011 which stipulates that the officer who do not submit the property return by the prescribed time / date, would be denied vigilance clearance and will not be considered for promotion and empanelment for senior level posts in government of India.

3. Accordingly, all officers of IP&TAFS Gr ‘A’ and Gr. ‘B’ working in DoT (HQ)/CGCA/ NICF/ Pr.CCA/CCA /TEC and on deputation to other Ministry/Department/ Organizations are requested to submit the above return by 31/01/2018 in the proforma enclosed. A Nil return may invariably be submitted even if the information regarding the property is Nil. While furnishing the information in the AIPR, use of the phrase such as “same as previous year” or “No change” is to be avoided.

4. The AIPR of all Gr.‘A’ officers and those ofGr. ‘B’ officers who are working in DoT (HQ). will be reviewed in DoT (HQ). The AlPR of Gr. ‘B’ officers who are working in NICF/ Pr.CCA/CCA & TEC, will be reviewed and kept by the respective heads of NICF/ Pr.CCA/CCA & TEC.

5. An ink signed copy of the Annual Immovable Property Return (as on 01/01/2018) in respect of all IP&TAFS Gr ‘A’ officers may be sent to DoT(HQ) File No.12-01/2017/SEA-Il along with a soft copy through e-mail mandatorily at (email id) for uploading the same on the official website of DoT on or before 31/01/2018. Hie officers who are on deputation in other Ministry/ Department/Organizations are requested to ensure that their AIPRs should be sent in both the forms (hard & soft) so as to reach DoT HQ. on or before 31/01/2018. It may be noted that no further reminder in this regard shall be issued and as per instructions contained in Vigilance Wing of DoT HQ. letter No.7-1/2016 V. Tech dated 14/12/2016. officer will be liable for departmental action for violation of Rule 18(2) of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 for non-submission of 4 his/ her AlPR.

Signature valid 

Under Secretary (SEA-11)
Phone: 011-23036213

Copy to:
1. PS to Member (Finance), DoT( H.Q)., New Delhi
2. PSO to Advisor (Finance), DoT (H.Q)., New Delhi
3. CGCA/ Addl. CGCA, DoT at NICF campus, Ghitorni, New Delhi
4. All Sr.DDsG/ DDsG of Accounts &Finance Wing in DoT (HQ), New Delhi
5. Sr.DDG (PAF), DoP, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi with a request to co-ordinate in respect of officers posted in Deptt. of Posts and circulate this circular among them.’
6. DG, NICF, MG Road, Ghitorni, New Delhi
7. A11 heads of Pr.CsCA/ CsCA for necessary action.
8. All Directors of Finance Wing in DoT (HQ) /lFA (TEC), New Delhi
9. All Gr.’A’ officers of IP&TAFS who are on deputation.
10. All ADG/ACAO/Sr.AO/AO/AAO in DoT HQ and TEC, New Delhi
11. Copy for uploading the circular on DoT website.

The declaration form is required to be filled in and submitted by every member of Class I and Class II services under relevant provisions of Conduct Rules and the first appointment to the Service and thereafter, at the interval of every twelve months, giving particulars of all immovable property owned, acquired or inherited by him or held by him on lease or mortgage. either in his own name or in the name of any member of his family or in the name of any other person dependent on Government Servant.


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