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सूचना आयुक्तों एवं सम्बंधित अधिकारियो के वेतनमान, भत्तों और सेवा शर्तों में बदलाव

Proposal to include Central Asian Countries with the ambit of LTC facility for Government employees

MoD Clarification on Promotion in Pre-Revised Pay Between 1.1.20016 and the date of notification

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Regarding 7th CPC on Over Time Allowance

Payment of pension to Defence Pensioners/Family Pensioners: PCDA Instructions - Circular No. 203

Fixation of pay on promotion under Rule 13 of I-ICS(RP) Rules, 2008

TDS Deduction in respect of Senior Citizens who have Invested In Sr.Citizen Savings Scheme

7th Central Pay Commission – Grant of House Building/Marriage/Vehicle/Computer Advance

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Promotion Policy for Bureaucrats - Consolidated guidelines

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सेवानिवृत होने के बाद भी मुक़दमे से नहीं बच सकते है: सुप्रीम कोर्ट

कर्मचारीयों/वेतन भोगियों के लाभार्थ नियम बदले जाएंगे: मूल वेतन बढेगा

DOPT Clarification on Leave to a Govt Staff who is unlikely to be fit to return to duty

7th CPC - Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy: DoPT Consolidated instructions 17th July 2018

PCDA Circular 603 - Enhancement of Ex.Gratia Ad-hoc Allowance to Burma Army Pensioners

Restoration of pension in respect of Defence Service Personnel - PCDA Circular 602

State wise Bank Holidays 2018 – Download Public Holidays List in Banks

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Categorization of Disability Pension PBOR - Details of Pensionary benefits

PBOR - Determination of Amount of Disability Pension: Regular Army/Air Force/Navy/DSC

PBOR Disability Element on Retirement/Discharge - Untenable Claims For Disability Pension

PBOR Adjudication of Disability Pension Claims - Regular Army/Air Force/Navy/DSC

PBOR - Consatant Attendance Allowance: Army/Air Force/Navy/DSC

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PBOR - Invalid Pension, Invalid Gratuity, Compensation

PBOR - War Injury Pension, Definition, Sanctioned Details

Steel CPSE Employees Pension Scheme Announced

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