Committee for Review of Flexi Fare scheme: Ministry of Railways ORDER

Committee for Review of Flexi Fare scheme:  Ministry of Railways ORDER

Government of India/ भारत सरकार 
Ministry of Railways/ रेल मंत्रालय 
Railway Board/ रेलवे वोर्ड 

New Delhi, dated - 11/12/2017


Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have decided to constitute a Committee for Review of Flexi Fare scheme. The committee will consist of the following:-

1. Exe., Director/PM Railway Board - Convenor
2. Exe. Director/TC(R), Railway Board - Member
3. Prof. S.Sriraman, Professor of Transport Economics, Walchand Hirachand - Member
4. Shri Ravinder Goyal, Advisor, Niti Aayog - Member
5. Ms. Meenakshi Malik, ED, Revenue Management Air India - Member
6. Ms. Iti Mani, Director, Revenue, Le Meridien, New delhi - Member

2. The Broad Terms and references of the Committee shall be to examine all options and recommend best option keeping in mind passengers and Railways interest. The Committee may take following as reference points -

Impact of implementation of flexi fare in its current form with respect to:

(a) Impact on Revenue generated for railways'

(b) Impact on Passenger in terms of their choice of the railways as means of transport (with the increased fare).

(c) Competitiveness of flexi fare viz-a-viz other means of transport,

(d) Amendment/modification if any-
  • Flexibility of rates in peak and lean season/ week days and weekend/festival season
  • Add on if any to be provided with flexi fare for better patronage of the scheme like loyalty points/deferred benefits etc.
  • Any other aspects deemed fit by the committee
(e) Fare of special trains like Humsafar etc. also to be reviewed.

(f) Implementability of the suggestions.

3. The Committee should submit its report within a period of 30 days from the date of constitution of the committee.

4. The  Headquarters of the committee will be at New delhi.

5. TC-II Branch of Railway Board will be the nodal branch for functioning of the committee. Therefore submission of report of the Committee for consideration of Railway Board, Implementation of its recommendation and all related issues including Parl. Questions, RTI cases and other formalities with regard to the Committees, shall be dealt with by TC-II Branch.

6. The Convenor and Official Members of the Committee will draw TA/DAa s per extant Rules.

7. Terms and conditions to be applied to other non-official Members of the Committee will follow.

Vijay Kumar
Under Secretary (Estt.)-1


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