Updated list of AMAs for Central Government Employees

Updated list of AMAs for Central Government Employees 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 

Date: April 25, 2018 

Subject:- CS(MA) Rules, 1994-Appointment of Private Registered Medical Practitioners as Authorized Medical Attendants (AMAs) for Central Govt. Employees and their family members- reg. 

In terms of Ministry of Health & Family Planning (Department of Health) instructions contained in O.M. No. 14025/113/79-MS dated 28-5-1992 and as per Rule 2a of CS (MA) Rules, the following Private Registered Medical Practitioners are appointed as AMAs for Central Government Employees and their family members stationed at Municipal area of Port Blair and its adjoining area during normal working hours and also for off-hours during night for the period from 01-04-2018 to 31-03-2019. 

The A.M.As are requested to send their renewal letter for the next term at least 3 months before expiry of the present term for renewal. CGEWCC reserves the right to delete any name for want of renewal letters in time. 

The AMAs are requested NOT to prescribe medicines for more than 10 days at a stretch in very beginning of the treatment. In course of 3 to 4 consultations, He/she can reach to 20 days, i.e. maximum period of 

The AMAs are further requested to strictly follow the rules and orders issued under CS (MA) Rules 1944 and to note the salient points set out in the same rules. A copy of “INSTRUCTIONS FOR DOCTORS” as in Appendix-XI of Medical Attendance Rules is enclosed. 

A copy of M. No.S.14025/10/2001-MS dated 31-12-2002 of Ministry of Home Affairs and Family Welfare regarding Revision of Consultation/Visiting/Injection fees of AMAs is also enclosed for necessary action. 

This order has been issued with the approval of Chairman, CGEWCC. 

Shri. Sandana Edward 
Secretary CGEWCC