House Building Advance Partial modification – Office Memorandum

House Building Advance – Clarification Office Memorandum 

Government of India 
Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs 
Housing-III Section 

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi 
Dated 1.08.2018. 


Subject : Clarifications regarding House Building Advance — reg. 

The undersigned is directed to say that in partial modification to the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs OM No. 1.17011/11(4)/2016-H.III dated 09.11.2017 regarding House Building Advance Rules — 2017, the competent authority has approved to modify the provision of para 2(i) in place of the existing provision. 

2. Para 2(i) may be read as under: 

“Constructing a new house on the plot owned by the employee or the employee and the employee’s wife/husband jointly with the clear title of the plot” 

3. All the other existing provisions in the said OM of even no. dated 09.11.2017 shall remain same. 

(Shailendra Vikram Singh) 
Director (IFD)