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Trip Allowance - Classification of Trains as high Speed Trains | RBE No.91/2019

Classification of Trains as high Speed Trains for the purpose of Trip Allowance | RBE No.91/2019


RBE No.91/2019


New Delhi, dated:04.06.2019.

The General Managers(P)/CAOs,
All Indian Railways & Prod. Units etc.
Sub: Classification of Trains as high Speed Trains for the purpose of Trip Allowance (PNM/NFIR item No.7/2012).
Ref : Railway Board’s letters No. E(P&A)II/87/FE-2/1 dated 24.06.1991, 28.07.1992, and 02.11.1993.
A PNM/NFIR meeting was held on 16.10.2017 and in the item No. 7/2012 it was decided that Duronto Trains, which can be classified as ‘High Speed Trains’, may be included for payment of Trip Allowance to the Running Staff. GS/AIRF was also consulted in the matter. Consequently, a fresh review was undertaken by the Board with reference to classifying Duronto Trains as ‘High Speed Trains’ for the purpose of Trip Allowance. Accordingly, in partial modification to Railway Board’s letter No. E(P&A)II/87/FE-2/1 dated 24.06.1991 the following trains have also been determined as ‘High Speed Trains’ for regulating Trip Allowance to their crew, at specified rates. Co-drivers may also be provided on these trains keeping with the extant instructions.

S.No Train No Name of Train
1.12213/12214YPR-DEE Duronto
2.12221/12222PUNE-HWH Duronto
3.12223/12224LTT-ERS Duronto
4.12227/12228BCT-IND Duronto
5.12239/12240BCT-JP Duronto
6.12245/12246 HWH-YPR Duronto
7.12259/12260 SDAH-NDLS Duronto
8.12261/12262 CSTM-HWH Duronto
9.12263/12264 Pune-NZM Duronto
10.12267/12268 BCT-ADI Duronto
11.12269/12270 MAS-NZM Duronto
12.12273/12274HWH-NDLS Duronto
13.12275/12276 ALD-NDLS Duronto
14.12281/12282 BBS-NDLS Duronto
15.12283/12284 ERS-NZM Duronto
16.12285/12286 SC-NZM Duronto
17.12289/12290CSTM-NGP Duronto
18.12293/12294 LTT-ALD Duronto
19.12297/12298 PUNE-ADI Duronto
20.22201/22202 SDAH/PURI Duronto
21.22203/22204 VSKP-SC Duronto
22.22209/22210 BCT-NDLS Duronto

2. This has the sanction of the President and issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

3. These orders will have effect from the date of issue.

Joint Director/E(P&A)
Railway Board


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