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PLB of OFB & DGQA, LTC unauthorised Ticket purchase, HRA on vacation of quarters etc

PLB of OFB & DGQA, LTC unauthorised Ticket purchase, HRA on vacation of quarters etc.: Action Taken Report of Standing Committee Meeting

[GoI, Min P,PG & P, DoPT’s OM No. 3/1/2018-JCA dated 08.07.2019]

Subject: Minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting held on 07.03.2019 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel) - reg.

5. Staff Side also raised the discussions on the Action Taken statements (ATS) on the minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting, which was held on 03/05/2017 : 

vii) Item No.14: Reduction of one day Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) to the employees of OFB & DGQA under Department of Defence Production against the Cabinet decision and Government orders. 
Staff Side stated that inspite of the Govt. orders issued on the basis of Cabinet approval, the employees of Department of Defence Production, are eligible for 41 days Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB). However despite the recommendations by the Hon’ble Defence Minister, the Department of Expenditure is reducing one day PLB for the past 11 years, and is approving only 40 days PLB. Similarly in case of EME also such reduction is taking place every year.

JS (Pers), Dept. of Expenditure stated that the issue is under consideration and in consultation with Dept. of Defence production/MoD. The staff side requested for an early decision in the matter.

viii) Item No.15: Grant of one time relaxation to the Central Govt. Employees who have availed LTC-80 and travelled by air by purchasing ticket from authorities other than authorized agents:

Staff side proposed that: 

If the employee has actually travelled in Air India flight, then the LTC-80 fare of the journey day may be paid to him irrespective of the fact that ticket was purchased from authorized Agent or not. Any excess amount over and above the LTC-80 fare can be recovered; 

No disciplinary action and stoppage of future LTC may be taken; 
A general instruction in this regard may be issued to all the Departments to regularize all the pending LTC-80 cases as above. 

Chairman agreed to consider the demand of the staff side.

ix) Item No.16: Grant of House Rent Allowance to the employees who have vacated government quarters:

Staff Side said that they are grateful for the Govt. Order dated 05/03/2019 issued by the Dept. of Expenditure on the subject matter. However there is a difficulty in implementing this order, in the Min. of Railways & Defence, as these Ministries have their own residential colonies and it is also mentioned in the ibid order that “whenever feasible”. This provision may have to be deleted, so that the employees who have vacated the quarters due to less facilities etc., are able to avail HBA from various sources etc., and are entitled for HRA.

Joint Secretary(Pers) agreed to consider the proposal of the staff side.


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