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Kendriya Vidyalaya Moscow, Kathmandu & Tehran - Vacancies KVs Abroad 2020

Kendriya Vidyalaya Moscow, Kathmandu & Tehran – Posting of staff for the year 20202-2023


केन्द्रीय विद्यालय संगठन
18 संस्थागत क्षेत्र, शहीद जीत सिंह मार्ग,
नई दिल्ली 110 016
18, Institutional Area, Shaheej Jeet Singh Marg
New Delhi 110 016

File No: 11-E-3048/1/201 9-Estt-III/177-207

Dated: 21.01.2020

The Deputy Commissioner
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
All Regional Offices /ZIETs.

SUBJECT: Posting of staff in KV, Moscow, Kathmandu & Tehran for the year 2020-2023.

Madam / Sir,

It is proposed to draw panel for Principal and staff for posting to KV Moscow, Kathmandu & Tehran for 2020-2023.

2. The number of vacancies to be filled in KVs abroad during 2020 is given as under:-
S.No. Name of postNo of vacancies
KV, Moscow KV, Kathmandu KV, Tehran
1Principal 01 01
2 PGT (Phy.)01
3PGT (Maths) 01
4 PGT (Comp. Sc.) 01
5 PGT (Hindi)01 01
6PGT (English) 0101
7 PGT (Bio) 01
8TGT (SST) 0101
9 PRT06
TOTAL 1305 01

3. You are, therefore, requested to identify good and dynamic teachers of your region and recommend their names as per the following eligibility and selection criteria :-

A) Eligibility Criteria: – The Following may apply.

i) Those having minimum 08 years experience in the post applied for as on 31st December 2019.

ii) Those having more than 05 years to retire as on 31st December of the year in which applications are called.

iii) Those not served in KVs abroad in any capacity previously.

B) Selection Criteria:-

The recommended parameters and marks allotted to each parameter are as follows:-
              A. ACR/APAR Grading for Last Five Years        :-
FOR PRINCIPAL/ PGT /TGT /PRT/UDCMarks to be allottedTotal maximum marks to be awarded
ACR for five years (OS = 05, VG=04, Good=03, Avg.=01 & Below Average= -05). In case ACR/APAR of one year is not available, then the average marks of four available ACR/APAR may be awarded for the non-available ACR/APAR of one particular year. In case the ‘ACR/APAR are not available for more than one year, then No average marks will be awarded for those years.
Marks to be allotted
Total maximum marks to be awarded
i. If 95%-100% result of Vidyalaya /Subject concerned in all five years2020
ii. If 95%-100% result of Vidyalaya /Subject for 04 years and above 90% in one year16
iii. If 95%-100% result of Vidyalaya /Subject for 03 years and above 90% in two years12
iv. If 95%-100% result of Vidyalaya /Subject for 02 years and above 90% in three years08
v. If 95%-100% result of Vidyalaya /Subject for 01 years and above 90% in four years04
vi. If result of Vidyalaya /Subject below 90% in all years.00

FOR PRINCIPAL/PGTSMarks to be allottedTotal maximum marks to be awarded
i. PI 60 and above last five years1515
ii. PI 60 and above in 04 out of last five years12
iii. PI 60 and above in 03 out of last five years09
iv. PI 60 and above in 02 out of last five years06
v. PI 60 and above in 01 out of last five years03
vi. If PI less than 60 in all five years.00
i.25% students getting 90% and above/Al in three of five years
ii. 20% students getting 90% and above/Al1 in three of five years12
iii. 15% students getting 90% and above/A1 in three of five years09
iv. 10% students getting 90% and above/A1 in three of five years06
v. 05% students getting 90% and above/A1 in three of five years03
i. If 70% and above students get A grade in all five years3535
ii. If 70% and above students get A grade in four years28
iii. If 70% and above students get A grade in three years21
iv. If 70% and above students get A grade in two years14
v. If 70% and above students get A grade in one year07
vi. If students getting A grade in less than 70% in all five years00
D. Participation in training programmes/ contribution to various training/ in-service course as a Director/Associate Director/ Resource Person (Not for UDC)0505
E. Certificate of any level of Scout & Guide earned by teacher0505
F. RECOGNITION2020 (15 in case of UDC)
(i) National level (National Govt. of India or any International NGO Awards) including Innovation & Experimentation award &  ICT award by NCERT
(ii) National KVS Incentive Award15
(iii) Regional Incentive Award10
             Committee: The committee constituted for recommending names will allot marks on the basis of overall performance and reputation of Principal/Teacher.1010
TOTAL (A TO G)100 (75 for UDC)

 Note: 1) The working knowledge of computer is desirable in cases of PGTs / TGTs/ PRTs.

4. The composition of selection committee at RO level recommended as under :-
1) Dy. Commissioner, RO concerned. – Chairman
2) Senior most Principal of the region – Member
(Preferably National Awardee.)
3) Senior most Asstt. Commissioner , – Member – Secretary RO concerned.
5. Maximum number of Candidates may be recommended by the Regional Office /ZIET / KVS(HQ):-

01 Mandidate for each vacancy.

6. Applications received from all the regional offices as per above recommended eligibility criteria and parameters, may be further short listed at KVS(HQ) level, as per the decision of competent authority, KVS, if required.

7. The applicants recommended by Regional Office and short listed by KVS(HQ) will be interviewed at KVS(HQ), New Delhi for final selection.

8. All eligible Teachers & UDC can apply for posting to KVs abroad. The Regional Office should sent the prescribed forms to all the Vidyalayas under the jurisdiction of RO for applying by interested eligible Teachers & UDC. The contents of this circular should also be uploaded on Regional Office website.

9. All the Applications duly filled in Annexure – I received by the Principal of the Vidyalaya concerned should reach along with checklist in Annexure – II duly filled to the Dy. Commissioner, Regional office concerned by 27.01.2020 for screening and selection by the Regional Selection Committee.

10.The Regional Selection Committee shall select the names from each category of post as per the eligibility condition and selection criteria given above in para 3 above but not more than the allotted quota mentioned in Para-5 of this letter for submission to the KVS(HQ), New Delhi by 31.01.2020. The recommendation of the Regional Selection Committee shall be accompanied with the following documents: –
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a) Minutes of the meeting of the Regional Selection Committee

b) A copy of the application form duly filled in Annexure – I of the applicant along with duly filled checklist duly verified/filled in Annexure – II by the Principal /Dy. Commissioner concerned.

c) A detailed analysis of ACR/APAR/results quantitative and qualitative /and other parameters as prescribed above must be enclosed in Annexure – III (for PGT/TGT), Annexure — IV (for PRT) & Annexure – V (for UDC).

d) The service record and antecedents of the applicants should be carefully verified before sending the recommendation. A Certificate to this effect (Annexure-III) duly completed must be signed by the Authority concerned.

e) All the information in Annexure III, IV & V be provided in hard copy and in excel sheet through email in the given format ( ).

f) Vigilance clearance certificate in respect of all the recommended employees.

g) While recommending the name of UDC for KV Tehran preference be given to applicant knowing Persian language/Arebic script.

11. The recommended application(s) complete in all respects along with the above mentioned documents from the Deputy Commissioner of the Region concerned must reach KVS(HQ), New Delhi latest by 31.01.2020. Applications sent directly by Teachers/UDC and those not recommended by the concerned competent authority will not be entertained by the Regional Office/KVS (HQ), New Delhi.

Applications received after the stipulated date will also not be entertained.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

Yours faithfully,

Encl: As above (Annexure I to IV)

Copy for information to:-

1. All Officers of KVS (HQ) for similar action in respect of UDC working under them.
2. Principal, KV, Tehran /Kathmandu/ Moscow to confirm the vacancy as per para 2 above.
3. DC (EDP), KVS (HQ), New Delhi with the request to upload the circular on KVS Website.

Source: KVS


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